My First

Even when very young, I had an infatuation with instituting anal play with ************. But always by myself.
Then, came my friend. Our first experiences together were oral. We tried every position possible on each other.
Then one day, when we had his house to ourselves, he asked if he could try to make love to me. Well, since I wanted this to happen, the first time I had him in my mouth, I kissed him and said please!!
It was so adorable how excited he was. I assumed the "Doggy Style" position, and with lotion applied, he pressed against me, and excitedly entered, quickly, that caused me to freeze and gasp! I said slow. It really hurt. He stopped, and tried to pull out, but I said no. As I was trying to let myself relax, I just held him inside me, and all of a sudden, he cried out, and I felt him ***!!!
That drove me crazy!! Just knowing I made him that excited! And of course, youth was a factor. It took us very little time to find ways to get control of our excitement, and he became a fantastic lover, always taking me over the edge when making love to me. Such a dreamy time in my life. I really miss make contact, but appease my needs with several different ******, and plugs, but nothing compares to a lovely man, swelling and releasing himself inside of me.
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What a nice story. Anal isn't my favourite, but I will always comply if the man I am with wants it.

Thank you for reading my story!!
You "comply"!!! I like that!! Very hot!!

I am considered very compliant!

Do tell!!

What a nice story , sure you both enjoyed each other very much .

Thank you! Our time together was so incredible!!

great story !!!!!1

Thank you!!!!!!

I wish I could swell. Been impotent for far too long.

Aww!! Hugs darling!!
Thank you for reading my story!!


I'm so happy you liked my story!!

Such a yummy tale.

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it!!

Oh, my, my, my! How wonderful! You are so sweet for sharing such an intimate moment - it makes me think of my first time!

Thank you so much for your kind response to my story!! I am happy it brought you fond memories!

Your story reminded me of my childhood anal adventures. Although I played with girls and toys, it was really a time full of anticipation, emotions, almost magic! Wish I was that young again!

Thank you! I'm happy my story brought you fond memories!! I think that we all wish to be young again!! Maybe make some diifferent decisions!!

Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience. It sounds like we are a lot alike. I too was fascinated with anal ************ when I was very young. It was like I just knew I was meant to be penetrated. I had a friend my age and we played and experimented together, mostly sucking, but other things too. I used my fingers and various objects on my hole all the time so when I had my first time with a man I was prepared for it and didn't have any real pain.

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to my story!

Thank you for a beautiful story, Candice. Reminded me of my first anal experience. It is so wonderful and fulfilling to take a man's **** up my *** and enjoy making him *** inside me. Then experience the wonder of his ***** being absorbed by my body making us one.

Aww! Thank you for reading and replying to my story!! A very nice response!!!

You got me to thinking. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading my story sweetie!!

I was a young boy when I had my first anal experience and he was a lot older. He used ky jelly and even thoe it hurt at first it slipped right in. I loved it and so did he.

That's sexy hot!!!
Thank you for reading and responding to my story!!

Mine was my Wife using her strap on on me. my first Real **** was one of Her Bulls much later. His **** was bigger than my Wife's strap on but by then i was already "broken in" by my Wife.

Thank you for reading and responding to my story. Your first was one of her "large" bulls? Mmmmmmm!!!

I wouldn't say "Really large Bull", He was just bigger than the strap on She used to break me in.

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At a young age we tried a very similar situation, but my friend didn't know about lubrication, and couldn't get in.. but it was I that lost control, took matters into my own hands and sprayed all over myself... since then I've had other boys & men pop against & inside me. Although I lu and enjoy mens affections, large toys have given me more than any boys tool has..

it was soo much.. I've enjoyed breaking myself with thick *****'s and other cheaper items..

Thank you for replying to my story! It's nice that you find pleasure with your many "Toys"!!

what a nice story,,, excites me xxxx

Aww!! Your so sweet!!!

you've made me very horny

that is so true I get to understand what a woman feels like, and how good it feels to be lusted after teee heee so exciting!

Kisses and hugs for you!! Thank you for reading my story!!

I loved the girst time a guy exploded in my *** too

A feeling you never ever forget!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

No problem I enjoyed it I also just got my penis inside an *** when I blew

Luv ur story.. I'm 48yrs old, when I was in my 20's and living in ft. Lauderdale Fla i messed around with a few guys. I never did get ****** tho. I have ****** that i use on a regular basis but i so badly want to feel the real thing..

Thank you! I'm happy that you enjoyed my story! I hope that you finally get to experience what you long for!!!

Very nice story, and I'm so glad you two refined your love making so you both could fully enjoy it

Thank you for reading my story!!
We were incredible together!!!

I took me a long time before I allowed myself to give in and experience my desire to have a man make love to me and feel penetrated and experience the feelings of the woman captured in my body. The first time did hurt but, like you Candicegirl, the last thing I wanted at that moment was for him to withdraw. We went slowly until my body adjusted itself to the new intrusion but after my **** tunnel loosened up it was glorious. And when for the first time I felt myself receiving a load of *** inside me I knew I had found a new form of sexual release and pleasure I had been denying myself for so long. I still enjoy ******* women but I no longer deny myself the pleasure of taking or giving to a man I feel attractive.

Thank you for sharing your story with me! How wonderful!! Thank you for reading my story!!!

i totally understand how you feel. i now enjoy when my Wife's Bulls have me. i truly feel like the sissy my Wife has made me. And we even share experiences so we are closer!

oh, so well done,and at such a lovely age.

Thank you!!!! Very sweet!!!

Great post, My first time was very late in life at 50. I answered an CL add for a massage at my home. He was nice & had all the massage tools & I got naked & face down on my bed & he also undressed. As he gave me the massage he got a nice hard on & started to do my back & butt I also got very hard. He spent a lot of time rubbing & oiling my butt & then stared to slide his **** in my checks. I had never been ****** before & didn't except what happened next. He pressed into my hole & I just opened up & he slide his **** in slowly & completely in. What a feeling it did not hurt & I was taken completely with the feeling. He ****** me for the rest of the massage & many different positions. Your right nothing beats the real thing when it comes to anal

I absolutely agree meflash. It takes a real man to make a sissy like me feel like a real woman. The answer is his **** in us!

What an incredibly sexy story!! Wow!!!! Fantastic!!
Mmmm!!! Yes!!! Very hot!!!!!!!

what a great massage that had to have been!!!!!!!

great story about coming to enjoy such thing!

Thank you!!


Yes I am......... Oops!!! I meant to say, yes it was!!!!
Thank you for reading my story!!!!

lovely, you must have enjoy it it. i take a girl doggy too


Wow very sexy story. I really enjoy taking a girl from behind almost as much as mutual ********.

I'm happy that you like my story!!!

This story blows my mind , I so wish it happens to me soon x

Wow!! Thank you!!! I trueley hope your wish comes true!!!!

I love this story xx

Thank you so very much for reading my story!!!

thats a great story, I have had several women peg me but still looking for a real man to give me that special feeling. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading and replying to my story!!!!

****** can be fun but a hard **** with a big purple head spreading your tight gurlie ***** on every stroke harder and faster as it slides against your prostate making the feeling even more intense. Then both of you *** at the same time. Your ***** goes into spasms and your hard little **** shoots it's hot load onto the bed sheets. His **** seems like it is getting bigger then starts to shoot his hot musky salty load deep inside your ***** until he spent and you both collapse onto the bed. Both of you out of breath and licking your lips.


Did you like my first time anal story?


Damn, I like that.


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i agree. No matter how much i love my Wife pegging me with Her strap on, i love the feel of a real man's **** entering me and being made love to.

Thank you for replying to my story!!!! Really love your response!!!