My First

Even when very young, I had an infatuation with instituting anal play with ************. But always by myself.
Then, came my friend. Our first experiences together were oral. We tried every position possible on each other.
Then one day, when we had his house to ourselves, he asked if he could try to make love to me. Well, since I wanted this to happen, the first time I had him in my mouth, I kissed him and said please!!
It was so adorable how excited he was. I assumed the "Doggy Style" position, and with lotion applied, he pressed against me, and excitedly entered, quickly, that caused me to freeze and gasp! I said slow. It really hurt. He stopped, and tried to pull out, but I said no. As I was trying to let myself relax, I just held him inside me, and all of a sudden, he cried out, and I felt him ***!!!
That drove me crazy!! Just knowing I made him that excited! And of course, youth was a factor. It took us very little time to find ways to get control of our excitement, and he became a fantastic lover, always taking me over the edge when making love to me. Such a dreamy time in my life. I really miss make contact, but appease my needs with several different ******, and plugs, but nothing compares to a lovely man, swelling and releasing himself inside of me.
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Your story make my **** hard.

I must say I have never had that happen to me before. I am more of a lesbian type. But I am so glad you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading and replying to my story!!

The first time really hurt but once you get used to it you crave it.

Uh huh!!!!!

Great story, love the fact that he was hot enough to unload in you as soon as he got there............

Thank you. I am happy that you enjoyed my story!!

What a great way to start, made me swell just thinking what that would be like. Only knowing of the desire to be opened from behind your letter made me want to, better let that say hidden. Anyway I going to read more.

Thank you for reading my story!

I can't actually remember the first time, but it was fun, and still is all the times since.. Love *** running out of my *** after a mixed use of one or more guys. Last weekend was my first dual, it was crazy great.

NICE ,, I've never had anal sex


Oh my! How sexy wonderful! Thank you for reading my story!!

Wooooo what a great felling of the tightness mmmmmm xx

Mmmm is so right!! Feeling myself succumb to the girth, and open up to the length, and surrender to the thrusts!! Mmmm!!

You sure know how to make it all seem pleasurable

Honey, that's because it was! The ultimate! Especially knowing how much pleasure I gave him!!

Nicely expressed

Awesome story. Hope have my first mm encounter soon. I want to stroke him then suck him. Then have him stick his **** in my ***.

I hope your wish comes true!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

My pleasure. If you know what i mean.

Lovely story. I bet you miss him.

Every day!! I can still remember vividly, every detail if every second that we were together!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

That us so hot

Thank you!!

That is a hot story, I had a similar experience, except it wasn't on as regular basis as yours, I do wish it was.

Thank you! Kisses!!

Nice always wanted someone to *** in me :)

Thank you! Hope you experience what you desire!!

Well done. Makes me wish I had such affection.


Right back at you.

I agree, it is beautifully written!

Thank you!!!

Thanks for the great story. I'm so happy you were able to push through the pain to the wondrous moment when he realizes he's uncontrollably ******* on you boi *****. The fact you two were lovers first makes the whole experience soooo much sweeter.

Thank you!

Oh my gosh! I wish I had someone to slide their lubed **** inside me and squirt hot *** inside me.

I love that you enjoyed my little story!
Thank you!!

me too hon, me too..

Kisses! Thank you!

Once released into youre feminine ***, we would stay locked together, my donutt cockring firmly pressed against youre Tgirl *****, the feeling of our juices mixing inside you and us being like one with my genitalls firmly inside youre warm body would make me feel very manly as you gave me that wonderful gift of letting me release my self inside you, Mmmmm

Damn baby!!! Wow!!

mmmmmmm that sounds so good, hon

A little while ago I saw a video with a man uploading both his balls and **** into a willing ***. To me that would be the ultimate interlocking of our bodies, you would feel it all the way once the ***** starts to go.

Now doll, that's just incredibly hot!!
Mmm!! Very sexy hot!!

<p>It is such a wonderful feeling when unloading deep into a hot willing and waiting ***.</p>

Mmm!! Even better when recieving!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

Great story, I love anal sex too, the feeling of a soft moist warm *** around my **** and pumping my seaman in it is Always sensational

I'm glad you liked my story!
Wrapping around! You pumping *****!

mmmmmm sounds so good

I can't understand how I had missed reading this experience of yours before now. It sounds like it was wondrous! I'm sorry to hear you lost contact with your lover.

Isn't it simply wonderful when being penetrated for the first time, especially when the first time is by someone close and dear to you. The thrill of feeling yourself being filled with your lovers ****, the awesome feeling that spreads throughout your entire body from within with his motions as slides in and out of you, then that glorious moment when he spurts and fills you with his warm seed.

Even though nothing can equal that first time I still relish every time I have a man inside me. Either deep inside me from behind, or however he wishes to take me, or having his wonderful meat in my mouth so I can relish the feeling of him sliding between my lips then giving me a tasty treat of his ***.

Yes, Candicegirl, I cannot agree with you more that nothing can compare to having a man inside you.

Thank you for your wonderful reply to my story!

You're most welcome, sweetie, **kiss, kiss**

Great story! I've just now started milking my prostate via ***** and practicing Cummings hands-free. It's glorious.
I have an early memory as well, only containing body rubbing and kissing, wish I'd felt that ******* early too!
8=======> • • • • (°)

Thank you for reading and replying to my story!!

Absolutely sexy story. Thank you very much for sharing.

I have posted something similar...though a little longer winded than yours. Feel free to have a look and feel even leave a response.

I'm happy you enjoyed my story!

It's an image that's stuck with me since I first read it.
Thanks again

I just love having that effect on someone reading my story!!

Mmm such a sweet story, I could just picture the two of you together. Very nice

Thank you baby!! I hope you envisioned a nice sexy picture!!

Wish you could see my hard on for you now

How sweet!!

must be a very intense and beautiful experience. although I've never tried it excites me a lot.

Thank you darling! It was intense! For two years!!

god,, that is so hot... makes me *** my pantys

I love that!!
I like my story having that effect on you!!

It's having one on me too. Sorry, Candice, if I'm chiming in too much. I'm so turned on by you boys...I mean, ladies:)

Oh sugar! Do not appoligize!!

I like being called a lady.. hon

I said ladies;)

yes , hon,,, ladies

Love to *** in your panties !

We both can sweetheart; )

I would too and then lick it up

yes , I keep reading it and making myself so horny, and *******.

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got my pants down an beating my **** like a wild man

you are very cool my friend thanks