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My First

Even when very young, I had an infatuation with instituting anal play with ************. But always by myself.
Then, came my friend. Our first experiences together were oral. We tried every position possible on each other.
Then one day, when we had his house to ourselves, he asked if he could try to make love to me. Well, since I wanted this to happen, the first time I had him in my mouth, I kissed him and said please!!
It was so adorable how excited he was. I assumed the "Doggy Style" position, and with lotion applied, he pressed against me, and excitedly entered, quickly, that caused me to freeze and gasp! I said slow. It really hurt. He stopped, and tried to pull out, but I said no. As I was trying to let myself relax, I just held him inside me, and all of a sudden, he cried out, and I felt him ***!!!
That drove me crazy!! Just knowing I made him that excited! And of course, youth was a factor. It took us very little time to find ways to get control of our excitement, and he became a fantastic lover, always taking me over the edge when making love to me. Such a dreamy time in my life. I really miss make contact, but appease my needs with several different ******, and plugs, but nothing compares to a lovely man, swelling and releasing himself inside of me.
Candicegirl Candicegirl 51-55, T 123 Responses Oct 19, 2013

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Well my first anal experience was when I was a teen after watching a few XXX videos of course.
Me and a GF talked about for awhile as she was she a Virgn and was scared of loosing it.
So we decide that anal was the way forward fro both of us to connect, so we did and she loved it.
I must say that nearly all my partners I have tried anal with and 2/3’s love it and some even prefer to vaginal sex !

Thanks for reading my story. If done properly, anal sex is intimate, erotic, and the ******* are so intense!!

Great story of first time

Thank you!

That must have been incredibly intense when he suddenly came inside you, knowing that you brought him that much overwhelming pleasure. I wonder what you thought of the physical sensations that first time, of him *********** warmly inside you.

Oh honey, that very moment, that instant, when his seed flooded inside me, I knew what I wanted. Feeling his **** pulsing! Mmm! I knew that all I ever wanted from that point on was me pleasuring him!! Michael was so amazing!!

Thank U for sharing your first time. Your description of giving your *** was so cool and honest. That is just the way the *** hole works, sucking and drawing in it's lovers penis, then sucking up the hot ***! A beautiful story! Many kisses XXX

Thank you baby!! Lots and lots of kisses back at you sugar!!

What a lovely story Candice. Made me recall a lover I once had a long time ago. Like you, I also miss being made love to and I've had to resort to toys. (sigh!)

Thank you sweetie!! I love it when someone recalls fond memories reading one of my stories!! Kisses!!

Dying to try, need to find someone who will of course be gentle the first time.

Oh my yes!! Loving and gentle are a must!!

Know any nice T-girls in Baltimore? Best of both worlds.

No sugar. Sorry! Post on your story page! Bet you get lots of replies!!

Its has always just been a fantasy for me.To be dressed as a woman in my sexiest lingeri then taken by a man.

Can you believe that I never told Michael about my inner most secret! Not once did I dress for him!! So honey, that's still a fantasy for me to!!

My first experience was with my two fingers when I was nineteen! I pushed them up there for a while, out of curiosity of course? After a while I thought ‘this is silly?’ but then – as we know… **** me I *** up my bum WOW!!!!

Luv anal! Lets talk!!!

Thank you for reading my story honey!

Lovely experience. Perfect for boys to experiment.

Thank you!!

What a wonderful sexy story. Young lust is so exciting. I had a young friend in high school we always teased each other but never satisfied. What a pity, but story's like yours bring back great memories. Thank you darling!

Thank you sweetie!!

I am so happy you had a nice time there <3

Thank you sweetie!

you're welcome

I can only imagine but it must be wonderful.

It was honey!! Thank you for reading my story!


Thank you!!

Thank you for sharing that intimate experience. Treasured memories.

Thank you for reading, and therefore, sharing in my experience! You are very sweet!!

Such a lovely experience, I too would like to give my body to such a wonderful man and feel him *** inside of me knowing I had given him the greatest pleasure of all, however I fear it may never happen

Thank you darling! I hope it does happen for you sweetie!!

Daaaaaaam! yes getting control is the trick isn't it? I'm afraid my first time or two would be just like your young friend and would *** way too quick for the both of us to enjoy it much. I would love to get familiar enough and comfortable for the long haul so that we both are sent over the edge... ;) I look forward to my first time entering another man and doggy style sounds like the perfect position to me... I also play with myself with a ***** or two on occasion but I am really more into doing the penetrating... ;) great story thanks for telling it!

Thank you!! I love your photo!!!! Makes me tingle with excitement!!!

thanks I kinda like the idea of making you tingle... ;)

Oh my!!!

Me too!

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Sounds like a nice first experience wish mine had progressed that far

Thank you sweetie!!

Great story!

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it!

Thanks for a fantastic story... I had a friend like this, but he got a girlfriend before we could go all the way. I fantasize about how hot it would be to be dressed and take a load of *** from a swollen **** in my ***... maybe one of these days. I have to another, but he was way too big, we tried... but... no go.

Thank you Sami, for reading my story!
And your second "friend" was way to big?! Mmm!! Lucky you!!!!

I have dressed and fantasized about being a woman all my life so when I got the chance to be with a man I jumped at it. There wasn't a lot of foreplay but all the same I loved it. He lubed me with his fingers and I almost squirmed out of the room it felt so good . He rolled me over and just shoved it in.. I gasped and tried to relax but he just started pounding me hard.. It really didn't hurt that much to be honest, I just remember feeling really full. Suddenly he pushed deep inside and I felt a warm wet squirt .. then another , and I was hooked! There is no more feminine feeling than accepting your mans load. Looking forward to more

God girl!! That's a very sexy response to my story!! I'm so happy you read and replied!!!!

history very exciting


Oh yeah... this is exactly my fantasy... I wish I looked more fem when I dressed up... then maybe I could make something like this happen when wifey is out of town ;-)

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I can feel the *** surge as I read your story. As you indicate a toy is just that. I want the real thing. I want to feel the thrusting from another. I want to lie on my back and wrap my legs around a man as he enters me. I want to pull him into me on the last thrust as his body spasms and his **** erupts.

Oh my God!! That's so incredibly sexy!!! Thank you!!!

I must say I have never had that happen to me before. I am more of a lesbian type. But I am so glad you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading and replying to my story!!

The first time really hurt but once you get used to it you crave it.

Uh huh!!!!!

Great story, love the fact that he was hot enough to unload in you as soon as he got there............

Thank you. I am happy that you enjoyed my story!!

What a great way to start, made me swell just thinking what that would be like. Only knowing of the desire to be opened from behind your letter made me want to, better let that say hidden. Anyway I going to read more.

Thank you for reading my story!

Wooooo what a great felling of the tightness mmmmmm xx

Mmmm is so right!! Feeling myself succumb to the girth, and open up to the length, and surrender to the thrusts!! Mmmm!!

You sure know how to make it all seem pleasurable

Honey, that's because it was! The ultimate! Especially knowing how much pleasure I gave him!!

Nicely expressed

Awesome story. Hope have my first mm encounter soon. I want to stroke him then suck him. Then have him stick his **** in my ***.

I hope your wish comes true!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

My pleasure. If you know what i mean.

Lovely story. I bet you miss him.

Every day!! I can still remember vividly, every detail if every second that we were together!!
Thank you for reading my story!!