My First Anal Sex With My Wife

Last friday me and my wife were having a few drinks when my wife went in 2 the bed room and called me in she was standing there in full stockings and ask me what would i like 2 do 2 her to night so i said how about anal sex we have not done that yet so my wife said ok but first i have somethink 4 you she said lay down on the bed so i did she sat on top of me rubing her ***** no my **** i could feel her ***** under her stocking then she slid down to my **** and stared to lick my **** and suck it when i felt a wet cold finger at my butt i looked up and my wife said lay down you will love this (i have never had anyone finger my butt before) so i layed back down as she sliped her finger in slowy as she suck my **** all the way to the base and back as her finger gos in and out she sucks my **** at the same time WOW that feels so GOOD just as i was about to *** she stop and said it is my turn so i pulled her to the end of the bed dogy style riped my wifes stocking so i could see her ***** and butt i start of by licking her ***** and running my toungue over her cilt getting her wet then i grab the vib and some lub rub the lub on my **** and slip the vib in her ***** witch is so wet and start ******* her with it as i put my **** between her butt cheeks and slip the tip of my **** in she go HO HO so i slip some more in then she gos **** me baby and pushers her butt all the way back so my **** is all the way in her butt as i push the vib in all the way i could feel it in her ***** it was like haveing to ***** in her her as she mones like crazyher butt was so thght. just before i was going to *** my wife said to me i want you to *** on my fack so she sat on the end of the bed with her mouth open her lips so close to my **** i could feel her  as i shot my load in her mouth and face she used her fingers to wipe the *** of her face and laid back and suck the *** of her fingers as the vib was still in her ***** i finshed her of by ******* her with it WOW WHAT A NIGHT..

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5 Responses Apr 29, 2010

My didn't like it the first time but now she love for me to **** her up the *** she **** so fast when I do

Good Experience. My wife was reluctant at first, now she can't get enough anal sex. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! You're a lucky man, to get your **** in her ***! Do you "o it" regular, now, at all?

thank you 4 reading ti

thank you 4 reading ti