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Longing At 13

In October of 1953, I was 13 and I was on a camping trip with my Boy Scout patrol group to a local park for an overnight campout in Gardena, California. I had a new tentmate and he was the biggest boy in the patrol even though he was only 13 too.

My body had matured to the point that I could have seminal emissions with the proper stimulation to my hardened penis (Note that I use language, which will not produce stars in the text). I considered myself to be pretty mature by Boy Scout standards. The other members of the patrol didn't want Harold as a tentmate because he was so intimidating in appearance and since my regular tentmate hadn't made the campout, Harold got to be my tentmate for the night.

When it was time for us all to go to bed, he and I went into our shared tent and we started to prepare for bed. Harold surprised me by taking off all his clothes, something none of my other Boy Scout tentmates had ever done. I asked him why and he told me he normally slept nude and he was going to do it in our tent. I too, normally went to bed nude at home so I felt all right in getting my clothes off too.

Harold and I both lay down on top of our sleeping bags and we talked. Our talk turned to a discussion of our respective organs of reproduction and they got hard on each of us. We talked of our sexual adventures when we were younger and since we'd developed more mature looking organs. Harold even had pubic hair growing above his male organ while I did not. We got curious about each other's body and we began a mutual exploration of the other. His male organ felt so smooth and hard while he claimed that mine felt like silk under his fingers. We probed and tasted each other's generative organs with our lips and tongues but neither of us had carried the other to sexual completion before Harold said he wanted to go to sleep. We turned off our lantern and got into our sleeping bags to sleep. I didn't go to sleep though; I lay there and imagined sex with him. I imagined so hard that I literally began to ache between my legs; I had to have him sexually. I talked to him and kept him from going to sleep. I told him I wanted to have sex with him and he wanted to know how two boys were going to have sex together other than by sucking on each other?

I thought about it and the only other place where I knew a penis could go in a boy was in his anus. I decided I wanted Harold to put his male organ into my anus and pretend that I was a girl.

I told Harold that he could have sex with me and he would be able to put his penis inside me and have the first (penile stroking penetration) of his life. He eventually agreed as I'd hoped he would and with a little judicious help from the petroleum jelly I always took with me on camping trips, at the insistence of my mother, he gave me my first stroking in my anal opening and rectum. The ache between my legs went away as soon as I felt him inside me and soon I was feeling the pleasure of his male organ sliding in and out of my anus and rectum. He had his first ever orgasmic climax inside another person and it was inside me. I loved it and from what he said and did, so did he! And, he said he didn't need to pretend that I was a girl, it was enough that I was another boy who wanted him to fuque* me.

It was so satisfying to both of us that we did it many times, usually in sleepovers at his home, nude in the same bed.

Of course, we continued to be tentmates on all the rest of our camping trips together. The next year Harold's family moved and he left our Boy Scout Troop.

*que = ck

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Nice story, wish I had been your tentmate, all I ever got or gave from boyscout tentmates was a *******.

I had a similar experience on a camping trip in 1960. We were both nervous and only played a litle and a few weeks later I was able to suck him in a more private situation.

I had a friend that I used to camp naked with when we were pre and early teens. I wish we had known enough to try this then!

Great first ****

Great story!

Great story - oh to be young again!

Stunning story<br />
Hugs<br />