My First Ever Anal Experience

I live recently in , for some of you strange, but for us three a wonderfull relationship. I know my boyfriend since I'm 16 and I live with him about 2 and a half years. He knows that I am bisexual and I even involved him in some of my girl - girl affairs. So it came that one of this days I fell in love with a girl. Don't understand me wrong I love my boyfriend but I love my girlfirend to. At first I wasn't at all happy because I tought I had to choose between the two of them and they knew it, but one day I had a big surprise, the two of them waited for me and said that they talked and if I would like it she would move in with us. That was one of the happyest day of my life.
She had allready anal experience, more than that she loved it so everyone was happy because my bf also wanted to try anal sex, but I just wasn't ready.
Last weekend at friday my gf and I where home alone so we talked about a lots of things amongst them anal sex. I told her that I would like to try but I am scared that it would hurt. She asked me if I trust her and when I sayd yes she took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom.
She took some toys whit her and we started to play with each other, we had wonderfull sex in the tub and I came twice. At one time she put some lube on her hand and inserted a finger in my ***. It was a strange feeling, it didn't hurt but it was strange. After a while she inserted two fingers then three. I started to feel a fullnes down there but she licked my ***** so expertly that I didn't care about anything. When I almost had the third climax she stopped, and said that I should go on all for. While se played whit my clity she inserted something in my *** and suddenly felt that something warm is filling me until I had a cramp in my stomach, and then it stopped. She played whith my clity some time longer then when I came again she told me to go to the toilet but I should hold it as long as I can. I couldn't hold for long. After the enema she said that the worst of it is over.She gave herself an enema to, after that we gone to our bedroom where the fun started.
She put me on my tummy and started to finger my *** again and when I was streched enough she started play whith a ***** It was a long one not thick but long. She turned me on my back and started to eat me out, I almost came instantly.
We started a 69 while she played whit the ***** in my ***. After a while I started to penetrate her *** whith a buttplug, and a ***** in her *****. When she came we took each other in the arm while still penetrated whit the ***** and buttplug and just laid there kissing. After a while she took me over her knee took out the ***** and inserted a buttplug and told that we sould go out shopping. It was realy strange to walk with the buttplug in me.
After the shoppingtour we've gone home she said that we should surprise our bf, what I did gladly. She put a ribon on me and told me to go in the bedroom and wait. When he came home she waited for him and told him that we have a surprise for him. They came in the bedroom and when he saw me there whith the ribon on me the buttplug in my *** he had an instan hardon.
We had an amazing evening and an amazing ********. He ****** us in all the ways possible,and we played with our toys, it was just wonderfull.

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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

That is wonderful. : )

how lucky u r .. i wish i have such gf .. or even that understanding bf .. :(

Yes they both are understanding and they both love me

you make me hard and horny. wow! nice story...

You are all so lucky. I'd love to lick your ***** while he ***** your ***.

I bet you would