Not Bad... Because I Was Ready

The first time I had anal sex was when I was 11. It didn't hurt at all but I guess this is because I had been ************ and sticking things into my *** long before I actually had anal sex. Let me start from the beginning.

I discovered internet **** when I was 10. I was exposed to every type of sex you can imagine online and one of them was of course anal sex. I couldn't *** yet but I knew sticking things in my ***** felt great so why not my ***. The first thing I tried was a pencil and it wasn't too bad. But then I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I had a D size battery and I decided to try that. This probably wasn't a good idea for an anal virgin lol. I used a ton of baby oil and shoved it in there. It hurt like hell but I kept going until the entire battery was up there. I went to the bathroom to **** it out and I remember panicking because I couldn't push it back out. I spent an hour in there trying to push as hard as I could wondering the whole time how I was going to explain this to my mom. Luckily I didn't have to because I finally was able to get it out.

After that little incident I decided I wouldn't try anal again. That lasted about one night lol. The next day I was willing to try again and I used smaller things like my chapstick. I found the more I did it the better I got. My mom kept a small can of shaving cream in the bathroom. It was the same size as an average ****. About 6 inches long and about an inch wide. I used it like my own personal ***** and soon I was able to get it all the way in my ***. I was ******* my *** with it one day when I got a wicked idea to suck it after I pull it out. I pulled it out of my *** and it looked clean and didn't smell bad so I deepthroated it. I did this every chance I got and the nastiness of sucking something that had been in my *** just enhanced the lust in me.

I got really good to the point where I could stick at least four fingers in my *** so by this time I knew I could take a ****. I forget exactly who it was because by this time I was ******* so many people but I remember what happened. I remember it was a boy in my grade and he was ******* me doggy when I asked him to stick it in my ***. He didn't object and soon I had my first **** up my ***. With him being the same age as me his **** was pretty small so it really didn't feel like much. Of course I didn't let him know because even at this age I knew how to fake it lmao. After about five minutes he came in my ***. Yeah no warning but then what do you expect from a boy that young. I did turn around once he pulled out and took his **** into my mouth and sucked him clean. I loved the shocked look he had on his face.

Nowadays I love anal sex. In fact I can't imagine sex without it. If someone just ***** my ***** it feels like the sex isn't complete if that makes any sense. Of course now I've learned about enemas and stuff so I always keep myself clean there. That way I can suck a **** right out of my ******* and enjoy that shocked look guys get at watching a nasty **** lol.

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Did other girls ever hold your arms behind your back or tie your wrists above your head then violently punch you in your belly or boobs? Did jealous boys ever tie you spread eagle (on your back) and force objects deep into your vagina? Did boys ever tie you spread eagle (on your belly) then force objects deep into your anus? Did boys ever punch you in your belly while your arms held?

Love it.

So nasty

Damn! After this story, I just had to join the legion of fans!

So ******* hot. Bend over and let me pound that *** with my thick ****.

Have you had a **** in your ***** AND ******* at the same time?

Wow, love your stories

Sweet God why have I never met a girl like you. I'd love to **** a young girl in the ***

I would love to kiss you after I have **** your sweets and and them u have sucked me dry, the kiss would have to be with tongues tho xxxx

<p>I agree. i love to **** my gf , but i really enjoy finishing up balls deep in her tight hot ***! ive dreamed of her sucking and licking my **** clean right out of her *** filled ***. hasnt happened yet . i can imagine how hot it would be . i would be in heaven. not shocked like some of your partners! you are amazing babe ! damn !</p>

You just made my day, I am hard as a rock!

im 9 in and thick...think you can take that up ur *** hone

I couldn't help but laugh at imagining the looks you've're a great ****! My sister used a candle, like get used at weddings, to learn how to relax her anal sphincter..once you get that in your mind anal is not painful at all...

wow great story
love to play with ur ***
can we be friends ?

Do u take it up the *** bare back too? I would love to feel my bare **** in you....

I would i like to have fun with you

great story :)

Nast Nast ill lady... I should come over n give my *** lol

Another great story...really got my interest! :)

Geez us you are one awesome woman!!! Love it!!!!

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you just made me ... xx

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