My First Anal Experiance

I went to dinner with my best friend Phil, his girlfriend(Ann) and her friend Beth. After dinner Phil&Ann want to go dancing, but Beth didn't. So we split up, we went and had a few drinks and talked then Beth said her feet where killing from her new shoes and wanted to go to my place. Once there I took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Then as I was rubbing one she started to rub my crotch with her other foot which got me hard. She just smiled then changed feet. She then grabbed me by my ears and pulled me to her and started kissing. Next thing she want ed to go to the bedroom, pulled down my pant and gave me a blow job, then told me to get undressed and get in bed. She then did a slow ***** tease for me. She then said I did you now you do me, pushed me back onto the bed and firmly planted her ***** on my face. And told to eat her until she came, which I was happy to do. After she fell off, I started to play with her again, and I told her to get on all 4 as I started to go in to her ***** I was playing with her *** and she moaned. As I kept screwing her I got ***** juice on my finger and slowly worked it into her ***. We took a rest then she asked if I ever screwed someone in the ***. I said no,and asked what about you she said no but wanted to try. I got some vaseline put on my finger and slowly work over her *******. Then put some on my **** and entered her, I went to fast and she said it hurt. I slowed down and before I knew I was in. But I blew a nut quickly, she told me not to stop because she was no where close to being done. I kept going as my **** never got soft, I came a second time in her tight ***. She reach back playing with my balls and kept me hard. So I kept screwing her, by now the *** was leaking out of her ***. By the time she finally came I was about to *** again then did. When I pull out *** ran down her leg and she ran to the bathroom. I then went to check on her and ask if she was ok the way she ran out of the bedroom. She called me a dumb ***, of course she was ok ,but I just gave her a ***
enema. We got a shower and she said it was fun but we had to make few changes. We left and went to a drug store and bought KY jelly and a combination bag(enema& douche). When back to my place and she told me this goes both ways. I didn't understand, she explained since she already got an enema it was my turn or she was gone. I surely wanted to screw her brains out, so I said ok. Once I was done we did her and got a shower . Once we went back to bed she said it was her turn to take care of me. I got on all 4 she came behind me stroking my ****. As I relaxed i felt her squirt some KY on to my crack. She then rubbed it in to my *** then slowly slid her finger in before I knew it she had her finger all the way in and I could feel her knuckle on my ***. She kept working my hard ****, but next thing she was working her finger and I came. She kept her finger in and kept working it. Before I knew it I was hard again and she made me *** again. By this time I didn't have much *** in me, I rolled over spent. At which time she planted her ***** on my face and said I made you *** you make me come which I was happy to do. After that we went to sleep. In the morning Ann called and came to pick her up. As she was leaving I asked if I could see her? She said she didn't think her husband would like that, kissed me,patted my **** and left.
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Good story ! hot woman.

Yes she was, miss her now.

My wife met in a restaurant a guy who had just paid for anal sex...

I am sure he was satisfied, seeing your hot wife!

When he touched her bottom, he realized trough fabrics that she had just stockings, garters but not panties. He thought that Maria was another prostitute

He was lucky to enjoy her. I would think you have have enjoy the fact she was in stocking and no panties.

As you may assume, a shameless guy told Maria his recent experiences and fingered her,

He was lucky to finger her and make her wet

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great story - I too love some anal sex

Well almost a perfect night.

Yes it was, Wish I could do it again

At least you dont have to send her flowers!!

Hmm...we're gonna' to try that!

let me know after you do

Sounds like you had a great evening - too bad about Beth being married, though!

yes, but I still enjoyed

Bet you did! Sounded like a really wild, possibly, once-in-a-lifetime thing!

was my first but not last, and you?

My Mistress likes to see how many fingers she can get in my ***. So far, she has gotten up to four. I really should practice stretching it out for her, as i would love to be fisted eventually!

have you tried a butt plug to keep it open?

I have a complete set of "training" ****** to progressively make it larger, but my trouble is getting around to doing it regularly. Week nites I just want to chill, so I haven't gotten the training I need. every once in a while, i'll try to do it regularly, but I backslide and get lazy! Working too hard!!

Michelle, why not do it when you are chilling? Just gives you a chance to get preped

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Hot story!!


Glad you enjoy it

Fabulous sweetie

above is for you

would you want to have fun like that?

Sounds like you both had a mutually good time.
I love having my arse ****** doggy style, its amazing

yes we did it was fantastic!