....................someone Else's Life..................

                                     Someone else’s life
.........................This girl wishes to remain anonymous.
          She told me she never knew what love was. She finally found love but it wasn’t until she was a little/no a lot older.
          When she was ignored as a child she used to listen to the radio. She found she could feel what the singers were singing about. At this time the singers were singing about love gone wrong or no love at all. She most times had to open the window because the other bedrooms were next to each other. If you sneezed you could hear it in the other bedrooms. Winter came and being in one of the northern states winter set in. Of course snow came. But she was so enthused in listening it snowed right on her. She never knew it was snowing until it was too cold, and she was freezing.
          One night she asked her mother if she could have some love (hugs and a kiss on the cheek) her mom said come here darling and I will tell you something. She hopped on her mother’s lap. Her mother told her sweetie I don’t know what love is either? When I find out I will let you know first, ok? Then she put her down without even so much as a hug. She went to her bedroom and took her blanket put it over her and cried herself to sleep again.
          After listening to the radio as much as she did she finally knew every word to every song by heart. She grew up but never knew what love was. She tried so very hard but nothing. Once she thought she found it. But it wasn’t. One day she met a woman who interested her. After talking to her she felt something inside she had never felt it was warmth she never knew. She continued to talk to this surprisingly wonderful lady.  They talked until the young/ old girl knew maybe she was finally in love with this wonderful lady. For days and days she pondered this thing she felt inside her. She thought she might lose the affections of this wonderful lady. When she thought this her heart became so hurting and filled with pain she thought she would die. She thought about even doing harm to herself. But no she wanted to help this wonderful lady that brought her the world. She felt like it was spring even though it was snowing. She didn’t care.
          But wait a minute. She as of yet has not met this lady?  Oh it doesn’t make a difference she has talked to her over and over every day.  She knows how she feels about everything. She is sure in her heart. Wow she feels she has a heart. She knows this because with this new found feeling she is also scared she might lose her? Could she lose her, oh God why, why would this happen. Who would do this to her? Not just after finding her. Why? Then she talked to the lady and found out she would never lose her, never!      
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Jan 18, 2013