First Bi Encounter

Have been bi-curious for awhile. Was able to self suck and really enjoyed having a hard **** in my mouth. I enjoyed watching guys suck one another on **** sites this really turned me on. Was clicking thru Internet sites and signed up to one. Short time later i received a e-mail from a guy from Toledo. After a few e-mails we met. We met at a McDonald's to see if we were compatible. after awhile we went to a Hotel. We sat and talked about our fantasies. And how much we like to **********, and other things we have done or would like to do. Being this was my first time and he had done it before he was interested in what i wanted and to make me feel comfortable.  As we were talking after awhile i ask him to stand up, as he stood up i pulled him close to me. I unbuckled his pants and very slowly pulled his pants and underwear down, My **** was rock hard by this time and then there it was a beautiful half erected ****. I slowly pulled it towards my mouth. My stomach was full off butterflies, I very slowly put his **** in my mouth Omg it felt so good. Even when his **** was hard it still had a soft feeling in my mouth. He was very gentle with me and let me do what i wanted. I then ask him to suck my **** it felt kinda weird having a guy suck me it felt so good and was everything i imagined. we did one another for several hours. I had the pleasure of jacking him off and it was awesome to see his *** shoot out all over me and his chest. Then he jacked me off i came so hard it shot on my mouth and face, I eagerly liked it off my lips. Before we departed i sucked him back to hardness, Do not regret our encounter as i have been with 2 other guys and 1 couple, The couple was great, after a nice hard **** i washed it down with a hot,wet juicey *****.
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4 Responses Feb 25, 2012

just enjoy it for what it is '

Nice story. Glad the first one was so great. Sometimes nerves or feelings of guilt get in the way of fully relaxing and participating. I have hooked up a few times with other guys that just one to be taken care of but are not willing to return the favor. Bummer!

Thank you for sharing. So has this effected your reationships with women and if so how? As a "bi" male, do you prefer the couple experience or more one on one male encounters?

Nice hot story.