A Wild Twist At The Video Store

A Wild Twist at the xxx video store


Well I walk in as a straight single normal man and come out Confuse.com ??

This was my first Bisexual Experience.

Here how it all started I was watching xxx video’s at home alone. Yes aroused so I took matter in my on hands and begin. To ********** to relief my aching ****. After I climax it felt like the same old same old. I was still feeling horny. So I was thinking to my self I need some new video and some kind of jack off pal. It was kind of late and I live about 2 hrs from the video store. When I got to town I got me a room at a motel. Then right to the xxx video store. I started looking at all the kind’s of sex toy’s they had. I found a couple that look interesting. I’ll wait and get them on the way out. So I went two watch some video and the back room. I walk into the first room I came to. The video was playing a normal 3some. She was sucking on one guy and the other one was giving her oral sex and licking her anal. I begin to play with my rising ****. I was stroking it slowly. Enjoy the pleasure of ************ while I was watching the move. Before I could relieve myself. The move stop then right into the next one. But is was of 2 men I have never seen male on male before. So I continue to watch as one guy was giving the other one a really hot Blow job. My **** was rock hard so I continue to **********. Then the guy started to climax but the other guy just keep on sucking and he took it all in his mouth. I was thinking how that must feel and wishing. I could experience a blow job like that. I have never had anyone women or men to give me a blow job like that. I was really aroused I could feel that I was getting ready to climax. Just at that moment the door open and a guy step into the room with me. I still had my **** in my hand and he said that looks like a really hot rod in your hand. I would enjoy to give you a hand with it. I was so nervous because I had never been with a guy before. but I was still very aroused from watching the move. I thought for a moment then I ask him what do you have in mind. I would love to suck you tell you come in my mouth. Well Pre-come was already dripping from my still hard **** in my hand. So they was only one thing to say no one will every know. I said ok with a very nervous voice with my pants down around my knees. He first put his hand around my hard **** and begin to stroke me slowly. It was a new and arousing feeling it felt really good. Then he wipe the Pre-come off me and slowly open his mouth and slide my **** in his awaiting hot and wet mouth. He begin to suck me real slow. I could feel the heat and wet mouth around my ****. He but his hands on my *** and pulled me closer to him. He continue to sucking me more and deeper with each stroke. he begin to thrust me harder and faster into he mouth. until he was deep throat me. I could feel my **** hitting the back of his throat. By this time my legs was getting weak. So I grab his head to steady myself. But he just keep on sucking me harder and faster. Well it didn’t take long after that tell I climax a heave load in his mouth and on his face. He clean up and said man I really enjoyed that and then he gone. All I could do was to sit down on the bench for the next few minutes. I never even touch him I was still standing tall. I guess wanted more but I was to Blown away about what had just happen it was a awesome feeling. That was my first bisexual experience. As I was setting there I look up the move was still playing a bareback scene with 2 men. I thought it look Interesting. If a blow job can feel that great I wonder if the bareback action could feel that good. Well I got myself together in walk back to the front of the store. on my way out I bought some new moves an the hand pal. There was a ***** you can stick just about any where. But that another story.

Lacur Lacur
51-55, M
6 Responses May 25, 2012

I've had basically the same experience, it just wasn't my first. I always fantasise about all the things that could take place in that room with a stranger. Hot experience on your part though. What a great and yet odd feeling after right?

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

well sound like he is packing aload lol

sounds like fun.

well it was lots of fun and amazing.

Loved your story, I had a similar experience

Gald you enjoy the story

first time i had bare back sex with a guy was amazing but since then i try to use condoms for protection, but it was worth experiencing

Well i did try it later and it was like you said it was amazing I am looking forward to the next time but with right guy.