The Beginning Is Coming


I am a 40 year old make. I had my first experience with another man when I was in college. I didn't feel much so didn't really enjoy it. A little pain upon entry but felt nothing inside.
Now I am in a loving marriage of 7 years. My wife has shared having a fantasy of me and another man making love to each other and her joining us. So after much talking I have decided to try it. We have been searching for the right man and have 2 options so far.
In preparation to this my wife has practiced with a vibrator on me. It was arousing. The sensations inside were like nothing I have ever felt.
I have never found myself attracted to another man. But I now find myself eager to try this new experience. Not sure what this holds for my future. Will I enjoy this and want more; or will I give my wife her fantasy once and then bring to end.


Still have not found the right guy yet. My wife has “practiced” on me with the vibrator two more times. When it is being used I feel hit deep inside of me. Every time she slides it in I feel an round area of pleasure. It makes me moan out load. I beg her to do it harder and faster. Quickly I also start feeling the sensation at the tip of my penis. It is almost like mini climax every time but I am not actually climaxing. The more the vibrator hits deep inside the quicker and faster I crave it. I began to pleasure myself and beg my wife to do me harder with it. After a time I climax hard. Although I had a couple of rounds of intercourse before I find myself releasing like it was the first time in a week. It is not the same entire body clenching climax I get with my wife. But the intensity in the entire pelvic region is like nothing I had ever felt before and I collapse. Not something to trade a wife for but something that I will likely crave at times in the future. I wonder... would another man feel the same or better than the vibrator? Would another man at the same time as the wife combine both climaxes to something I can not imagine?

knightandrose knightandrose
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Thank for sharing that, it was great!!

Fabulous sweetie

Not really in the same boat but, I would like to have sex with another man. I am with you on not sure if I would really like it or want more of him? Who knows? Good luck let us know how everything works out.

You can have her use a strap on.. btw, my ex had similar fantasies..

I agree and the strap on don't bring rain on you parade of life