Luv2loveme Gave Me My First Boytoy Experience

I think its time I gave you a nice big ***** up your ***, put it on high so your balls vibrate with pleasure! I think i want you bent on all fours on the floor with a nice big mirror in front of you so you can see me straddle you and squirt a nice stream right down your *** crack. I have a nice big zuccini that will fit in your well lubed hole and i'll stick the ***** in me to mix the juice from your jelly ***. As I push the big squash into your *** i'll make you play with the head of your dripping **** and put a little music on to dance and ***** for you. My hips swaying with the ***** inside, i will rub my *** all over your hot buns! as the shirt I wear is lifted and my black lace bra appears I will round you and pull your head back so you are looking at my moist lips beconing you to taste.
I move the ***** In my *** in and out and push your face to my ****..
Lick it! I demand. "you like to Lick my ***** don't you." I grind my hips forward and back and feel your hot Breath and wet tongue caressing my lips. I bend forward and give the squash in your *** a good working! It is drenched with your Honey and I pull it out slowly and taste the juice from it! OHHH so warm and tasty! I shove it in again and I hear you moan with Pleasure. This time I take it out and look you in the eye..." Want a taste?" Have you been a good boy or a Bad Boy today?" " open wide baby have a good suck!" 
You lick and suck at it like an animal trying to get every drop. I have a suprise for you baby... I get on all fours in front of you and tell you to Please , Please baby Eat me! your go at it like a dog in heat.
suddenly there is a quiet knock on the door and I tell you "don't worry honey, I have invited a friend over and that must be him...*** in Bobby. He is a good looking man about 30 years old, Brown hair and Blue eyes. His smile when he enters says he is Pleased with what he sees. "well, well, I am ready for you Both!" He slowly Undresses...You gaze at him with delight as he has a slight grin as he stares at you. As he undresses, you lie on your back with your legs high in the air and in a soft breath you ask me to "eat me baby", suck on my *****... I continue licking and sucking your wet delishes *****. You look over at Bobby with a sexy smile and with your left finger you gesture to Bobby to come to you. He kneels down besides you, and with your left hand squeezing his right *** cheek you begin to lick and suck on Bobby's **** as I continue to tongue **** your *****. I can taste freshly squeezed juice treats from your ***** as you know this will really get me horny. And you know when I get really horny, I will do anything, which was exactly what you were planning on. Your now rolling your hips forward and back, over and over while you are now sucking wildly on Bobby's rock hard ****. I pull up on your hips to pull your *** in the air and I begin to tongue **** and finger your *** as Bobby has straddled your face with his *** turned up at me so as suck on your ***** I can see his balls and *** hole while you suck his ****. I can hear you panting as were all enjoying the sexual build up of this evening. Still on your back with your *** still high in the air and your ankles at your ears, I now stand over you and I insert my **** dripping with loads of pre *** into your steeming hot wet *****. I plunge my **** into you and you gasp in delight as you continue to eat Bobby's balls and *** while now ******* him off at the same time. I can see how hard and swollen you made his ****. You stop pleasing Bobby and ask him to stand in front of me while I pound away at your *****. You tell me with excitement, "suck on him baby while you **** me". You know that I have been curious about a boy toy, but I have never been with a man befor and I feel a bit of fear and a strange tightness in my stomach over what I've been asked to do. I am so surprised by this request that though I had been pounding Luv2Loveme's ***** I feel my **** getting soft over my apprehension to perform on a man for the first time. Luv said, "oh baby, it's ok just lick it and play with it. So with that, Luv kneels before me and begins to bring my **** back to life by giving me a hot blow job. While sucking on my **** she places her hand on Bobby's *** and pushes him closer to me. His **** is right in my face so I put my hand on his hip and I bring my tongue to his hard shaft. I begin to lick long licks. I lick him from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head tasting a drop of his slippery pre *** on my tongue. I can hear Bobby moan as I enjoy my treat. So I licked and suck on his shaft like corn on the cob. With both Bobby and Luv2loveme's acceptance I feel better and more relaxed about this play time. Bobby is now moving forward and back applying mor presure against my mouth. So, for the first time I insert Bobby's rock hard dripping **** into my mouth. Luv2Loveme has me really going now. She stops sucking my **** and sits up to watch me suck Bobby's ****. Luv is ******* me off in a slow rhythmic motion and says, Oh baby... Oh baby... you look so ******* good sucking his ****. Luv kisses me on the side of my face then begins to share Bobby's **** as we are both licking and sucking away on this hard tool. His pre *** dripping into my mouth, I realized, I like the taste of it. Luv sits back and watches me some more, than she lies on her back legs back into the air and asks me to eat her *****. I push her legs up and begin to suck on Luv's ****. While on my knees, *** in the air, and head down to feast on Luv's *****, I lap up all of her wetness as she is insanely soaked. I feel Bobby come up behind me and he is rubbing my *** with his hands and face. My heart is beating strongly through my chest as Bobby begins to lick the crack of my *** as I slurp up the delishes nectar from Luv's ***** left behind on my **** and balls. I feel Bobby's hands reach under my body and he begins to rub my **** and lick my *** hole. He begins to tongue **** my *** and it feels so ******* great. The sensations that are running through me are overwelming. My **** is so slippery with pre *** after Bobby's affectionate rubbing of my ****. I am feeling a mind blowing sexual experience that I have never felt before. Luv knows this, and she is going to turn up the heat. Luv rolls over onto her hands and knees and backs her ***** against my **** rubbing it all over and spreading her nectar on my ****. I am hunched over Luv's back doggie style and I plunge deep into her grabbing her shoulders and thrusting into her like a mad man. I can feel Bobby inserting his slippery finger into my *** and rubbing my balls while I **** Luv. Bobby now holds my hips from moving and begins to slowly insert his tool into my ***. I'm surprised and thankful as to how careful and tender Bobby is, not to go to fast with his insertion to me. I slowly **** Luv as she knows whats next for me. I felt the large head of Bobby's **** pop into my *** and it felt really nice. Now I want it. I begin to push back against Bobby's **** as I feel it sliding in and out of me. Deeper and deeper until my *** is full of **** and his groin is against my ***. i can feel Bobby's balls slapping into mine as I took it all in and began to **** Luv as Bobby ***** me. I can't believe I am experiencing this. My head is completely hight in delight. We're sweating and panting, and the air is filled with the scent of sex. Luv now wan'ts to be treated like the Goddess she is. So she directs Bobby to lie on his back. Luv straddles Bobby and she lowers her *** over his ****. She gently inserts his **** into her *** than lies back and Bobby is ******* her ***, while he rubs her breasts. Luv's legs are now high and wide with the view of her ***** glistening and open wide. I straddle her and insert my **** into her hot open *****. We are all so ******* lucky to be enjoying this mind blowing experience. Luv is shouting, "oh yes baby, **** me. **** my ***, **** my ***** oh yea, oh yea baby, I'm *******, Im ******* baby. luv begins squirting onto my stomach and chest with every plunge of my ****. More and more she squirts. Some of Luv's *** shoots me in the face as it's dripping from my chin. This makes us **** her even harder now. I want to drink from her but I cant get myself to stop ******* her yet. Bobby is pounding Luv's *** into the next century. We ****** her dry foe what seemed like an hour until Luv is relaxed and panting "oh yea". As she's still on her back ontop of Bobby, I pull out to lick and suck her *****. She taste great... Bobby pops his **** out and it springs back to slap against Luv's ***** making her twitch. Luv reaches down as I lick her and she pushes Bobby **** to my mouth. I begin to suck Bobby **** after it just pounded Luv's ***. His **** has *** jelly around the base of his ****, so I licked and sucked him clean. I began to suck on his **** for a while and I began to feel his **** swelling up in my mouth. I can hear Bobby moaning, "I'm *******... Im *******. I was so excited, I began sucking harder and deeper untill he unleashed his full load of *** into my mouth. I tried to swallow and I did with some, but it made me gag at first. I thrusted his **** further down my throat to force myself to take it and I swallowed and swallowed untill he was dry and clean. This was surprising to me and my two friends. I got up and was barely able to walk over to the faces of my lovers, as there faces next to eachother looking up at the ceiling I knelt down behind them and jerked off and came a huge load of *** into two waiting open mouths. It was Like feeding two young birds in a nest, Lol. I dropped my loads to feed them and they were eagar to swallow all I could unload on them. As I wached these two thay began to lick the *** off of eachothers faces. This was my first time sharing a woman with another man who I also turned onto. I liked it. Until next time.
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Are u bi??? so hotttt....I will **** you hard and deep with my 9 " strap on.