My first time was when i was about 3/4 yo and wanted to go out for my halloween. As it was a last minute decision to let me go i never had a costume. So my mum paid a visit to my cousins and returned with a bag of clothes for me to wear. My heart must have sank when she pulled out a yellow dress with little blue flowers all over it because i can still remember standing there crying as it was dropped over my head followed by white tights and girls shoes. At that time i thought i was being turned into a girl. I think that trauma made me the way i am
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I loved Halloween growing up because I dressed up as a girl every year. Nothing scary, just very cute and feminine.

Azzybhoy you hit the hammer on the nail. My trauma was my grade 1 teacher calling me a little girl in front of the whole class (thirty or so boys) with a few adults in attendance.
I never forgot this and it haunts me to this day.
When someone in complete authority imposes an accusation or an experience, it's with you for life.
I'm 60, and still looking for peace of mind. My doctor stated that there is hope. It's usually given to extreme criminals and it does work. It's painful, but the outcome is usually permanent.

Yes it is permanent for me any way. that nite has efected my whole life

If you are interested in a cure, we call it the "clockwork orange" treatment. A similar treatment is given to the criminal in that movie (Clockwork orange). Today though, a medical team adds painful shock treatments to the mix. In principle, it induces a negative reinforcement to your issues, while adding positive reinforcements immediately after the shock treatments.
A medical team is standing by, in case you have a cardiac arrest.
It may sound barbaric, but it works, then you will be a normal, conforming, human being.
Most doctors deny that there is such a treatment, but there is. I received the info from a reliable source. That's why my doctor could not deny it; I know too much.

Thx jaquie just wish i had the rite anatomy to go with my feelings x

I have really big plans for the entire halloween week and beyond. Of course I live alone and am free to indulge myself

I would love to go out in public again dressed up but cant see it happning in the near future. Thx for the rate!

I was dressed as a girl for halloween when i was 13. I was not forced but i was heavily encouraged to were the dress. In the end it was my choice and I sure was scared but I loved it.