It Happened Yesterday!! :-o

I don't have a boyfriend not even after the kiss... (: anyway..

I heard rumours about it all day yesterday at school that this guy called Nate was going to kiss me. Deep down I was freaked out, I had never kissed a guy before, I didn't know how, or if it mattered if I didn't eat mints before it. The scariest part was I didn't know WHEN. It could of been during a lesson when my teacher left the room for a second. Also the part that it was a dare wasn't great either, my first kissed would be forced and laughed over...
I didn't not like the guy, he is sort of cute and he's half american and half french. He has light brown hair and darkish eyes and a cute smile. It always made me laugh whenever he was pissed at someone. He was cute in that way (: Also he's really clever at science and geo. (the only two lessons we share together.)
I saw Nate at lunch time, it was so incredibly awkward because I think he knew I knew about the kissing dare. We exchanged a quick glance outside the cafeteria- the fact that nobody was there scared me. It could happen now. I was so scared that before he could say anything i sputtered.
'You don't have to do the dare..' i muttered.
'I wasn't going to.' he was blushing like crazy, he was sort of shy as well.
'Oh,' I said... it was still incredibly awkward, 'would it be weird if I asked when?'
'would it be weird if I didn't do the dare at all?' he answered before he brushed past my shoulder and walked away.
However I wasn't relieved that he wasnt going to kiss me. Deep down I was a little disappointed. I guess I sort of wanted it to happen.

After school I swung by starbucks to get a caramel frappucino before i walked home... i nearly died when I saw Nate in line there too. How coincidental was that? Why today? Why the most awkward day? I don't think he noticed I was lined up behind him until he heard me say to the starbucks lady...
'Can i have a caramel frap with no coffee?'
He turned around and quickly glanced away, "um... hi." he said.
"I didn't know you came here after school." I lied. I knew he came here I saw him here before. What else was I supposed to say?

Usually in a romantic comedy the guy will pay for her drink and they'll have a nice chat and get all flirty. Instead I paid for his drink because he was 65 cents short. And no we didn't get all romantic and flirty after that instead it just got more awkward. We sat together upstairs in starbucks, nobody was there and it smelled of strawberry laffy taffy for what ever reason.
Nate : 'Did it offend you when i turned the dare down?'
Me : No, not at all. People can't me forced to kiss or even like others.
Nate : I never said I didn't like you... not that I do.... I mean I don't.
(slience as I sipped my drink feeling hot in my cheeks)
Me : That's sweet... coming from a guy who makes out with a bunch of girls.
Nate : Whoever told you that is lying. Ive never kissed anyone... ever.
Me : Who've never had your first kiss?
Nate : Well no. kindergarten excluded. i didn't know what I was doing between the ages of 4-6.
Me : Me too. not the kindergarten bit. No. I was a normal kid... (I sort of laughed at this point) but the first kiss bit. I can sort of relate to that.

LAter I told him I had homework to do so I left. I stood up and went downstairs and left starbucks. I walked home and kept replaying our conversation. I could here his words which sent a fluttery feeling in my stomach. Was I starting to like Nate?
'Hey Mackenzie!' I heard a call from behind. I spun around to see Nate there holding his backpack in one hand and a pack of twizzlers (red liquorice) in the other. Haha I love twizzlers!!
"Oh hi Nate... are you following me home?" I didnt exactly find it creepy but I was rather confused.
"No, well yes. Im not stalking you I just though I would give you this. You wrote that twizzlers were your favourite candy in a survey once last year, You still like them right?" Nate handed me the candy and looked hopeful, probably hoping I still liked the candy.
"Yes, Yes of course!" I laughed... my eyes locked with his.
His chocolate eyes stared at me, through me... he leaned in closer and closer... I didn't seem so afraid this time.. as he leant closer he slowly dropped his backpack and kissed me ever so gently on my lips. At first I was in shock but I relaxed after a while and wrapped my arms around his neck, still holding the twizzlers. It was beautiful and magnificent, I wouldn't change a single detail if I could.

mackenzieee mackenzieee
13-15, F
Sep 13, 2012