Wet Kiss

At only 14 and to have the boy that I liked becoming my first boyfriend I was in heaven.

We held hands often but never went further than that. Till one day we decided to take a taxi to a secluded place along a beach.

Reaching a bench that had shade, it started to rain heavily so we cuddled up and thank god no one shared the bench with us.

Just then he guided me to sit on his lap. Being much taller than me, we sat at eye level and he started to comb my hair back.

He said he loved me and without further words, planted a kiss on my lips. He told me it was his first, so was it mine. Our lips touched and I felt a shiver. He opened his lips to suck my lips and started to lick them. With his hand busy on my body, his tongue was trying to break into my mouth. As I opened my mouth, he sucked my tongue furiously.
It was the wettest kiss I ever had as both of us were so inexperienced but it was lovely.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Both my first kiss and my friend Ben's first kiss were a lot wetter than yours...but it is quite surprisingly messy for a first kiss, I think.