My First Kiss

Yes, I remember my first kiss!  I was sixteen and very to get it done!  I was kind of flirting with a neighbor and he flirted with me, but he move so slow! Then one day I met another guy from another part of town! His name was Dewey! He was opposite from my Edward! 

Dewey didnt waste time; he didnt maul me nor was he disrespectful nor did he come on extremely strong! We walked around a couple of blocks and down to the park and back! He was kind and considerate of my shyness and the fact that this was a newness to me! We talked about our families and schools and when we said goodbye he gently and warmly kissed me!

It seems Edward knew Dewey and was not pleased that Dewey was the one to kiss the sweet sixteen-er who had never never been kissed! He began to speed up his time table! I liked his kisses, too, but he turned out to be less of a gentleman than was Dewey, who I never got to see again by orders of my parents; it seems this boy had a *bad name*!  Go figure! It really seemed it was the other who should have been wearing that lable!

samaritan samaritan
61-65, F
Mar 27, 2009