My Puberty ************


 My mother told me ************ was a bad thing and not to play with myself. I had a friend who was always talking about doing it.  As I look back, he gave explicit intructions on what he did, but I did not pay attention or something.  He always showed me his ***** through his pants.  This made me think about it.  At the age of 13,  I got angry one night at my Mom and the worst revenge thing I could think of was to go jack off. I went way out into the darkest woods I could find.  I was wearing shorts, and during the walk, I put the head of my penis outside my underwear and the leg of the shorts.  The angle was uncomfortable, as I was walking with a very stiff member.  But I did not know really what to do. So then I pulled my shorts down and aired out my erection.  It felt good to just let it bob in rythm with my heart.  I rubbed up an down on my **** a little. Then I formed a fist around my penis and pulled the skin back and let it go. I repeatedly pulled the skin back a little faster and then a little faster. Then I finally figured out I should grab it and stroke up and down. I did that and the feeling became very intense and I could not go on.  I hunched my hips so my penis was pointed at my chin and I let go of my penis ,and all my **** jumped out without touching my ****. I smelled what landed on my stomach, and I liked the smell. I felt guilty and relieved.  I was emotionally and physically drained, but my erection did not go down. I walked most of the way home with a hard on and it finally went away.I felt guilty and relieved.    IIII felI fel

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Aug 31, 2010