It Felt Aamaaziingg...

I had my first sexual experience, full blown experience i should say, whe i was fifteen. And i do not regret it.

It was late at night, obviously, at his house and wed just git back after a long day of doing couple things you know, lol! He brought me into his house, kissing me through the door, and when i was inside he locked it from behind me. we stopped kissing for a bit and i asked if there was anything he really wanted to do, i said be specific, and he said you. this sent chills down my spine. he kissed me while i slouched on ghe front door and down to my neck. he put his hand above my skirt and rubbed my down there while my panties quickly got wet in his hand. and i was moaning in his ears. he then picked me up and layed me on the pullout couch asking me if i was okay with this and i said yes of course! he was making me feel so hot and for a virgin i couldnt imagine if it got any better than that. he layed my down on this bed and kissed me while he carressed my inner thighs , breasts, and stomach. he kissed me on my neck and chest and then pulled up my shirt, looking at me as if to say is this okay? and i nodded. he pulled it completely off of me and sucked on my nipples through my bra. he wrapped his arms begind me and unhooked it, and pinched squeezed and licked my nipples and started kissing me downward again. i felt like everything was moving too fast and i really didnt want it to stop. he licked down my stomach and navel to my hips and ased me if i knew what eating out was. i responded no, because i really didnt know it at that time. he slid down my skirt off my legs and kissed ne from my knee all down my inner thigh to my private and kissed it above my underwear. he told me i would like it, and i believed him since this all was feeling sooooo damn good. he pulled my underwear off and i never been so exposed in my life . he licked and kissed all over my private and grabbed my breasts and left me shaking with my ******. left a whole pool of wetness on the sheets. he pulled me up to kiss me and i pulled his shirt off and unbuckled his belt. when we were both completely naked and ready to seal the deal i felt some rush of apprehensiin like am i realy ready or ?? i was ready but i guess he could sense what i felt and asked me once more. i saidbyes, then he asked me to my surprise, are you scared? i kinda was! i nodded my head slowly and he saind dont be. i mentioned to him i was a virgin and he told me it was okay that he knew what he was doing. dont take this any sort of wrong way, he was never forceful and we trusted eachother. he would stop if i asked to. when he penetraed me, deeply, i clenched up and moaned loudly all in his ear. he made me ****** so intensely that night, i swear. he still does it to this day too! after we finished we lie next to eachother , spooning, lol. i remember this night so vividly, ahhhh.

well that was my first sex, this story is 100% valid, so please, no trolls.
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hey good one

That was amasing... it sounds like u were lucky u found someone to make ur first time special... so do u still see him and do yall still mess around or have u moved on...

a night never to be forgotten pleasure.