My First Time

When I was 11, my best friend next door (12) and I discovered sex. We spent the night together, as we regularly did, but that night it was different. We were talking about girls we would like to see naked when Doug got out of bed, left the room and came back with a Playboy magazine. We looked at the pictures together discovering things I had never seen. Very quickly my penis became hard and stood straight up. I only had on pajama bottoms and it was not possible to hide. Doug saw that I had become hard and I saw that he was also hard and erect. I felt very self-conscious. Then Doug reached over and gently touched the tip of my penis. Then he slid my pajamas over slightly so my penis slid through the opening in the front. I sat there watching his hand while he gently brushed his finger against the head of my penis. Suddenly my hands started to sweat and I felt a rush in my stomach and then my penis exploded; white cream burst into the air. Doug took his finger and rubbed the cream up and down my penis. I had never felt anything like this in my young life.

After a while, Doug got a cloth and wiped me and my pajamas until all that was left was a damp spot on my pajamas. When he was done, he looked at me and asked if I would do the same for him. I said I would and he slid his pajamas down. I brushed my finger up and down his penis, gently rubbing the edge of his erect head until he also exploded and shot cream into the air. That night was the first time I had ever reached a climax.

For the rest of the summer we spend almost every night together; either at his house or our house. We eventually moved from rubbing to licking and sucking. One night he brought panties from his sister for both of us and we played, rubbing ourselves against one another until we both came over and over. The summer was gone very quickly. Just before school started, my family moved out of the city and I never saw Doug again.
almost1famous almost1famous
46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012