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Heavy Sleeping Feet Of Teen

It started when my sister had her friend over.
They're both 18 and anyway they slept in the playroom where there was a fold-out bed. This girl's name was Miranda. Anyhow, they both fell asleep around three o'clock or so at night. I had tried to wait for them, but I fell asleep. Luckily though, I woke up around four in the morning. I instantly remembered that my sister's friend was at our place so I silently got out of my bed. Now Miranda is a heavy sleeper, and I have licked her feet before.
I was sleeping in my bed and and they were downstairs. I tried to quietly go down, but my parents got out of bed. Fortunately though, I faked sleep walking, and I was ok. I tried again exactly ten minutes later and this time I managed to get down there. I crept through the hall, making sure to not step on the groaning floorboards. When I reached the playroom door it was shut, so I quietly opened it. I managed to open it just far enough to slip into. I made sure to listen carefully before entering to make sure they were asleep. They were and the TV was on. I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to the of the fold-out bed I suspected Miranda to be at. She was on that side and she was laying on her back with thick black socks. She wears a size 9 or so.
Anyway, I wedged my forefinger and my thumb where the ankle met the sock. I dug my fingers in until I had a good grip on the sock. Her feet were very warm. I was afraid that my cold hands would awake her, but they didnt. I slowly slid the sock off past the heel. I slowly rubbed her rough heel with my thumb and licked it. I was satisfied that it tasted the same as before. I then took the entire sock off and looked in awe at her toes. They looked bigger than they should be for her foot and very spread apart. Her long red toenails just barely hung over the top. I slowly put my mouth over her big toe and began to suck hard.I felt all of the moisture from her toe come up in my saliva. I took my mouth off and then slowly massaged her sole. This made her stir a bit. Carefully, I then started to lick her sole up and down until I decided to suck between her toes. She had lots of dirt in there and I couldactually feel the dirt and stuff. It was so delicious.
After all of this, I took of the other sock. I crossed the two feet over eachother and suck on both big toes at once. I then started to nibble on the nail just a bit. I rubbed my face against her foot several minutes until she began to stir again. I licked some more and then later I lay my head at the foot of the bed by her feet. I lifted one of the heavy feet up and put it on my head and let it rest there. I began to get the other one, but my sister began to stir, so i stopped. Anyway, very similar events happened for two more hours that night until I heard my dad coming down the stairs for work. It was so awesome.
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Great story, dirty feet do taste so nice don't they!!

good story send me some pics.