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My First Story:

42....where has the time gone? Lived a rough childhood...but was blessed in numerous ways as I journeyed through my life.......married at 20, first child at 21, second at 23......lived and breathed my family. I am loved and feel loved. I want to return love and never judge anyone. People come and go but I know I am right where I am supposed to be.
annberly annberly 41-45, F 29 Responses Nov 3, 2012

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Thanks for that share. you sound like an interesting and caring person - and I love your hair in your profile - hope you'll add me

Wish I felt the same...

I keep thinking about living in the moment. No more wasting time on regretting my past and what could have been.

You sound like a lovely well grounded woman. Someone anyone would be glad to know.

A very nice story.

It sounds as though you have been blessed with those who have come into your life for a reason, for a season, and for a lifetime.

yes.... I like the way you put that :)

Thank you. I'm a bit of a philosopher at times.

all of us had good Memory and bad one but for me i see only the good one

42, the answer to life, the universe, everything.

you think?

Cool :) We need more content people in the world!

You are always right, let nobody make u wrong and u are on the right path and that is what spritualism is about

im on my way to child #1 and the no wine is killing me

lovely attitude. very healthy look on life. blessings to you!

I'd say a very young 42....the upcoming years will be even better

This is beautiful. Thank you!

we can never return. every age has its own beauty...

"Simple is good......" I like the way you are. Thank your letting it out.

Very simple but great insight

simple is good...... ;)

miko do you live near any casinos where we could meet some time im retired and spend my spare time gambling

The way you write,and the words you choose,just breathes confidence and I can feel your convictions,and that's refreshing.

very nice attitude, well said. Some people spend a lot of energy being frustrated about their 'rough' childhood, but often miss the fact that this is the path that has led them to where they are now. Thankfulness is a beautiful trait.
take care,

god bless you dear..... take care and keep that gorgeous smile always on your face :)

Very nice ,thanks for sharing.

You are not only beautiful, Mik, but you are intelligent AND wise! You are tight - we are all exactly where we supposed to be - you are in a good place!

Good for you!

Ah 42, the answer to life, the universe, everything, and not a half bad domino game, speaking of dominos, when does that pizza get her anyway? I hate sitting around quaffing beers with Mik with no pizza and no brats.


Good for you.

Ooooh nice start! :)

Your journey is wonderful! Happy B-Day, and good for you that you can look back, reflect, see the good points and see that it all (good and bad) made you who you are today. Congratulations, and rest assured, the next 42 years will be beyond your wildest dreams.

so happy for seem like the person everyone would be happy to have and be sure your family feels that...

btw...did you say 42? :)

yes....42 ;)

hmmm will take your dont seem like the person who would lie about her :D

are you saying I look older?

no definitely look younger and thats why the comment...:)

lol....ok ;)

generally women are not very truthful about their age...understating it...
but you dont seem to be one like all I meant to say :)

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