The Best Feeling Ever

It all started when I was about 14 years old (I am now 18) I came home one day from school, I always have a shower after playing soccer and today was no different, I was about to put on my regular boxer shorts when I noticed that my mum had accidently put a pair of my sisters (who is 6 years older than me) little cotton panties in with mine by accident. I had always been curious about girl’s panties, even at that age there was something within me that said they were different to boy’s underwear. My urges got the better of me and I tried them on, the sensation was unreal they weren’t like my boxers at all, so comfortable and soft against my smooth skin. I heard the front door open and quickly got into my regular boxers, but hid the panties and never told my mum of her mistake.

For the next couple of years as we both grew older I would sneak into her room on a regular basis and see what new treasures I would find. When my sister turned 21 I started noticing that her breasts had really started to fill out (up to a C Cup), along with her bum and legs, this stirred feelings inside me that I had never felt before. I had always got a rush from sneaking into her room to try her panties on but this was different, every time I would see her in her short school skirt or her tight denim jeans I caught myself looking at her mesmerised and would instantly get hard.

It was June of 2006 we had just broken up for the summer holidays, as usual my sister would go shopping with her friends, while I played baseball. I would always get home before her, this gave me time to shower and explore her room, I knew that she had started seeing this guy and wonder to myself if she was treating him to anything nice in the underwear department. So as usual I would get out of the shower, dry off and go to her room completely naked and begin my search. I started by checking through her dirty laundry to see what panties she had worn maybe a pair which I could ********** into, I was in luck there was one pair, and since she started dating her taste had gotten so much better.

The pair which I had found were a pair of lace French panties, I couldn’t believe what I was holding the sexiest pair of panties I had ever seen and they belonged to my sister. I quickly put them on and began searching through her other panties, all her old cotton briefs had been replaced by thongs, G-strings and lace briefs. However, the biggest surprise I found was a pair of sheer black hold up stockings… well I couldn’t help myself I had to try these on, and the feel of the nylon as it slipped up my leg somehow felt right.

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i'll bet they felt great.
i get a wonderful stiffie almost every time I put on nylons.

great story. Girls are so lucky.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Hey thx