Caught By Best Friend's Sister.

I was about 13 years old when my best friend's older sister found out about my love of wearing panties and pantyhose. I used to go to their house and laundry surf for items to try on while in the bathroom. She used to wash her panties and pantyhose and hang them over the curtain rod in the bathroom. Every time I would use the bathroom I would get hard and turned on by seeing them hanging there.
One day curiousity got the better of me and I tried on her purple lace panties. They looked so small at first, but strecthed out to the right size. The feeling was incredible and I knew I was hooked. I also tried on her mother's pantyhose. First one leg and then the whole pair.
A few months later, I was home "sick" from school. I went over to their house to see if I could borrow some milk as we had run out. I thought I would find their mother home, but instead was greeted by Susan. my friend's sister. She also was not feeling too good and stayed home from school that day. She told me to come in but no one was home. I told her what I wanted. She asked me if that was all that I wanted? I was a little confused by her question, but she immediately wanted to know if I also wanted to borrow her underwear or pantyhose. I professed to be surprised and shocked by her question but she told me she figured out that it was me that was "borrowing" her clothed and not returning them. In fact she wanted to know if I was wearing her panties at that moment.
Not knowing what to say and feeling trapped, I stammered out a weak little, "yes". Susan told me not to worry that she would not tell about our little "secret". She justed was curious as to why I was stealing and wearing her underwear. I told her about the time I wore her panties for the first time and how it made me feel. I told her I was not gay but enjoyed the feeling of the material on my body. She wanted to know if I had ever worn a dress, bra, slip, etc. and I told her no. She asked me if I wanted to and I said, "Yes."
Since both of our parents were at work and it was still early in the day, we spent a few hours together.
It started by me stripping out of my clothes only to reveal to Susan I was wearing her white nylon briefs and a pair of taupe pantyhose. She then got a bra and put it on me. It was also white with lace on the sides and cups. She tuffed some pantyhose into it to fill it out. Next cam a white nylon full slip which came down to my mid thigh. The feelings of being fullty covered in nylon was almost too much to take. Susan noticed my rising bulge and told me not to worry about it. She then got me some three inch high heels her mother would wear. I felt amazing.
She asked me if I wanted to see what kind of panties she was wearing, and I of course said I did. She took off her pajama bottoms and I saw her wearing nude pantyhose with the purple lace panties underneath. I told her those were one of my favorites and were the first pair I tried on. She told me she knew as afterwards they seemed a little stretched out and I had not put them back the same way she had. It was then that she started suspecting me of trying her underwear on.
We spent the next couple of hours trying on and lounging around in just panties and pantyhose and feeling each other's legs and bottoms and crotched before it was time to go. Before I left she asked me if I wanted to relieve myself and told me she wanted to watch me. I did and we started having other sessions together.

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damn! I didn't have so much luck