First Time Was 2 And A Half Years Ago

Lets see my first time was when i was 20. I was dating this girl for about 6 months before i decided to have sex with her. I use to do other stuff like eat her ***** because i LOVE eating *****!!! Umm ummm good, but yea so one night i was over her apartment and got her all horny and she wanted more then just fore play so i said okay lets see, i took my **** out and put on a condom and she looked at me and said your not putting that in me and i started laughing so hard. im like why not lol she like thats too big to be trying to put in me and i looked down and said dont look that big to me so eventually she let me try and put it in and it didnt want to go in, she kept jumping and running away she said it hurt to much so im like okay maybe it is a okay size. So after like the 10th try if finally went in, she loved it and complained about the pain so didnt understand that part but okay, so it was fun after she got over letting me put it in, we had sex like 5 times that night but she would never let me put it all in. I guess to me 8 inches is not all that big but i guess it is to yea thats my first time and even when she was on top would never grind all the way down and put it all yea my first time was okay and interesting. But not dating her anymore looking for another girl friend now. I have still have only had sex with one girl so need to change that someday..
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Was she a virgin too?

No not at all lol Thats why it was so funny, my **** is almost 9 inches long.

Oh lol. Well I can't blame her I might have ran too

lol Can run too far lol