The First Time He Went Down

I was 16 and he was 21.. Smh I know the age difference is crazy, DON'T ASK!! But I was talking to him for 3 months and whenever we did he never tried to make a move! One day when we was Chillen in his car we started to make out, this was soooo exciting for me because I've only kissed a guy once! He knew exactly how to use his tongue.. Kissing me alone started to get me really really wet! I used to feel embarrassed about it because I would get soooo wet that it would literally run down my legs.. What even made it worse was that I was wearing my school uniform.. Anywho he started to kiss and lick my neck while using his hands to massage my B Cups and pinch my nipples.. It was so cold hat they were already ready for his tongue. He started to massage my thighs and making his way up my skirt before getting there he said I knOw this isn't ur ***** juice that I'm feeling already! I was so embarrassed but he told me that this is a good thing.. He kept rubbing my all my wetness all over my thighs teasing me. He whispered in my ears I'm gonna taste u.. I was so nervous but he reassured me that he was gonna make me feel real good.. He laid me down pulled my panties off and spread my legs wide open and stared at my kitty and told me how much he loved the fact that it was soo fat n juicy! He started eating me out and I kept breathing hard! It was the best feeling in the world!! He put his finger indide me and told me to taste my *****! It was the best expierence ever!!
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Jan 22, 2013