How I Started

I have always loved plastic pants and nappies and could say that I lost my virginity to a nappy and plastic pants through lovely ************ which I still regularly enjoy to this day. (I don’t understand how anything which feels that good without harming others, be regarded as naughty or bad). I used to play with myself even before puberty and of course never ********** then but it did feel god and was nice feeling my **** grow. As I got closer to puberty I got a better sensation which at that time I could only relate to wanting to wee so being afraid of tell tale signs on the bed thought a nappy and plastic pants would be the solution something I found very exciting the more I thought about it. I managed to find some terry nappies hidden away in the back of a cupboard at home and then managed to acquire some plastic baby pants when visiting a friend of the family. I used them every night before going to sleep although the pants were a bit tight. Eventually the inevitable happened at about age 11 and I ********** into my nappy which felt absolutely fantastic. Ever since then I have never looked back, being of the mind that anything which felt that good just can’t be bad. Of course I then progressed through the years to adult size nappies, terries and disposables, adult plastic pants, plastic skirts etc. I also love the feel of silky satin female knickers and slips etc, either on their own for ******* in or in conjunction with plastic pants etc.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I met my ex-wife,Dianne,Back in 1973 when she was 17 and i was 22.I was in the national guard and doing my 2 weeks of annual field training at a base near her very small town.I was from a large city 90 miles away and we met at a dance in her town fire hall the saturday night of my 2nd week.she was some what blonde and very innocent and naive and the only girl in her family with 2 older brothers.We started dating and every weekend i drove the 90 miles on saturday to date her and stay over nite at a motel near by and go home on sunday.At the time i had a fetish for plastic pants and especially for girls wearing them.I had several pairs of the Empire brand super-extra large size babypants that were sold by McCrories dept stores.The one saturday 3 months later,i took a pair of the plastic pants with me and later that night i showed them to dianne and told her that the girls in my city were wearing them as a fad and that i wanted her to wear them also.she thought it was a little weird at first,but then accepted them.After church the next morning,we came home and her parents had to stay at church as her dad was a deacon.dianne tried the babypants on in her room and they fit her snug.After that,i bought her a few more pairs and she wore them out on our dates and to church,etc,she graduated high school in june of 73 at 17,and turned 18 july 25 and we got married aug 18.she wore the baby pants under her wedding gown and after we settled in to our apartment she wore the babypants quite often for me.over the next few years things went down hill and we divorced in december of 1979.