Young Offender to Toddler

Having told you in a previous story of me been turned into a toddler at the age of thirteen for bringing shame on my family. I would like to tell you what went on when I returned to school. My aunty told the authority's that I would need to go to a special school, because of my lack of toilet training, and my violent out bursts, which I never had. I was paraded in front of a panel in just my nappy and made to do tasks to assess my situation. They came to the conclusion I needed special needs and was given a space at a special school. My aunt had won I was to be humiliated now at the special school. She told me I would be going to school in nappies and the school has the facility's to change me. Not content with this she made me wear a proper school uniform  which included short trousers. The special bus would pick me up from home and I would have to be strapped in my seat like a child, then when I arrived at the school, I would have to wait for a teacher to escort me to the classroom.  I felt so embarresed in front of the other children my age because in my class I was the only one still in nappies. I tryed to tell the teacher I didn't need nappies, but there was nothing they could do, and I was to wear them all the time whilst at the school. After lunch I would be taken to the changing room with the smaller children and wait my turn to be changed. At 3.30pm I would be taken back home, ******** down to my nappy and strapped into my specially made playpen whils't my aunt went to pick her daughter up from school. When they got back I would get annoyed with my aunt, because the daughter was aloud to play out with friends and I was left to play on my own in the playpen for hours. On the odd occasion if the weather was nice they would go for a walk to the local park, but I would be strapped in a disabled buggy with little movement. This would annoy me because I could see boys my age playing football and having fun knowing they would be out till late. and I would  soon be in bed. So you can see my early teenage years was taken away from me as I continued to live my life in this baby's world.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Wow...Just read the above and what can I say, in fantasy this would be great for many of us but reality would I am sure, feel a lot different, thanks for your story.

I know your pain my friend i too was diapered as a form of punishment and to separate me from my step mothers biological children. when i was 8yrs old i went to live with my father and his wife my father being a long distance truck driver i was with her mostly and under her restrictions just for me.

I am sory for the way you were misstreated