At 22 I Discovered the Bliss of Wearing Nappies and Plastic Pants

i have been a bedwetter up to the age of 15. my mother didn't made a lot of fuss about it; she just protected the mattress with a rubber sheet. at 14 i had a serious blood infection and was sent to a sanatorium in the French Alps (I am French) for 6 months to recover. There, as my bedwetting continued, the matron obliged me to wear cotton diapers and plastic pants at night and for the siesta after lunch. At the beginning i was terribly humiliated, but progressively started to get used to it. When I came back home suddenly I stopped wetting my bed; so all the paraphanelia (rubber sheet, nappies, plastic pants) disapeared. It was only 7 years later when I was 22, freshly graduated, living alone and working in South of France that i noticed a small B & W advert. in a magazine for ' adult incontinent pants'... I hesitated a few days before ordering my first plastic pants. Since then I have been hooked.

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Loved your story. it is good that you are back in nappies and plastic pants. You must love them like i do. still like to be your friend. Bruce.

Hello I see you were put in nappies and plastic pants like i was. But i still love them. like to be your friend and share Bruce.

I'm sure it's a lot better being "hooked" on being back in diapers than a lot of the stuff people do in the world these days! I enjoy mine and feel so peaceful when I'm wearing my diapers and plastic pants. I think it has been a long time coming back.

hay stay with it mix and match . it's fun to

Well, you know, if it helps, it's a good thing! "Hooked", though -- well, do you think you might be overreacting a tad? (I'm just saying...)