My First Time Giving Head

I met this guy on this website he first was just flirting with me innocent type of flirt, and not even with a warning or any type he send me a nude of his ****! He automatically texted saying sorry and then right when I was going to text back saying its ok cos I like what I see he texted me saying do you like lol from there on we literally can only talk about sex, the next day he picked up around 7 pm and we drove to his place which was super far, on our way there he had asked me to wear a skirt for him so he could access my vagina more easily and of course I wore a skirt and he also pull his **** out for the 50 minute ride to his home I played with his **** and made him *** and he also was playing me with me, we finally get to his place, and we just wanted to **** right away, so I'm going to skip to when I give him head, I was kissing him and he was just saying kiss my body (I had already thought about the chances of me finally giving a guy head) and so I start kissing him and he knew I didn't give head so he was just begging for me to just give a kiss and I did and from a kiss I went to a lick and then went to his balls and right back up and next thing you know his **** was in my mouth! We then also did 69 and his sex was just amazing, next weekend I am seeing him he told me he's going to the sex shop to purchase some goodies to use in bed ;)
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Jan 21, 2013