Please allow me to start out by saying I wasn't ready. Captain Steve should have known but wanted me to get both my feet in the wave of competition fever for his own future rewards. And a last minute bail-out by one of his friends caused him to pick up the phone and beg my Mom to inform me he "needed" me onboard for his first race. He had become a "Racer" on the SORC circuit in southern Florida in name only at the local taverns. We had become friends over the previous years. I was "handy" around a boat and just a general good guy to be around at the time. Off we went. The Clearwater (Florida) to Key West (Florida) race. New Captain, new crew,new boat not ready (I had previously examined "The Osprey" just after Captain Steve purchased it and gave him quite an elongated list of repairs and upgrades it needed just to be seaworthy in the local waters of Tampa Bay (Florida). Using my "engine-uity", I made it to the starting point at a marina (I hitch-hiked/walked) earlier than I expected, later than the others to meet my new crewmates. Some of the crew even slept the night on the boat! After meeting my new mates, I settled into a narrow section of the floor forward of the bathroom. For you yachties, the teak and holly sole section just forward of the most forward bulkhead, just aft of the forward V-Berth (holding all the forward sails necessary for "cruiser/racing crowd). It seemed comfortable at the dock. Lesson One learned.
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Aug 18, 2014