My First Weird Experience

It happened when I was in my junior high school, the first grade. I was about 12 years old. My house was being renovated at that time so I had to find a friend who can share his room to sleep. Unfortunately, I had no one at the same age so I decided to take the offer from my neighbour whose son was in senior high school, the last year.

I didn't have any negative thoughts before because I thought it was normal for boys to share rooms with boys so I just felt happy that I could finally find a place to sleep and put my stuff. The first night just went fine but I started to feel something wrong with myself. I tried hard to figure it myself until one morning I found out I always had my shorts off anytime I woke up. 

Just for your information, I never like wearing underwear when I sleep but I always wear my shorts. I always had to look for my shorts anytime I woke up even though I never found myself completely naked because I always had my blanket on me when I woke up.

One night, I couldn't sleep well because of the activity on the day before. I started to feel that someone was touching my body so I slowly opened my eyes to see who did it. It was my neighbour's son who started to put his hand into my shorts and slowly grab my most private thing. I could only act as if nothing't  had happened. But then, he started to pull down my pants and started to suck my penis. I didn't do anything either because I thought I would have made him embarrased if I just woke up and asked what was going on. The problem was I realized that after a forthnight of losing my shorts anytime I woke up.

Since then, I decided to move back to my home even though my room wasn't completely finished. I never told this story to anyone before because I never want to make myself and him embarrased. He sometimes asks me to come over and spend a night in his house but I always say no.

immanuelabner immanuelabner
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

If you liked it no big deal spend some time with him. If you did not like it then be honest with him let him know one way or the other.