My Friend Gets Turned Into A Girl For Lying To Me

one of my friends lied to me so as a punishment i turn him into a girl i forced him up to my room and tired him to a chair then took out my makeup i started of by putting foundation on his face then i put face powder on him then i went to his eyes and applied eye shadow mascara and eyeliner after that i put some lip liner on his lips then went over his lips with lipstick then i glossed them with some lipgloss then began to paint his nails and toes pink then went they were dry i untied his hands and then i tole him to raise his arms he did as he was told once his arms were raised i got my deodorant spray and sprayed some under his armpits then i got a bottle of perfume off my locker and sprayed some on each of his wrist and some on his neck then i go him to into wearing bra panties and a prom dress and then i put a necklace on him and too pictures :D
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Your room seems to be your dungeon "(^.^)" I like that... Behind angel there's a devil... and you have the profile "(^.^)"

My step sister wants to make me into a cheer girl for losing a bet


When does she wish to do this? What would you be wearing?

the whole cheer outfit--miniskirt, top, cheer shoes & sox, sports bra and spankies

Will she be the only one to see you? Does she plan on taking you out in it? ..or take photos? How do feel about it? Do you think you might look good as a cheerleader?

She took a pic and she's talking to the coach about putting me on the cheer team

I'm really embarrassed about it

She says I look adorable as a cheerleader but I don't think so

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Could you do this to my brother

My sister would

What would she do to him

make him wear her uniform with makeup and all, practice cheers, try to get him put on the cheer team. That's what she's doing to me

Contact him his account is jaitheboy

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Cara.... how did your friend take to all this? Was this a first time for him?... after it all.. did he say he enjoyed being turned into a girl? Have you done this to many more friends?... I'd love to hear more.

Very lucky friend... I have always wanted to be turned into a sissy:)

ha ha must have been funny love to hear add me ;) x

Hmmmm you should get her to suck a **** for you to show loyalty

I want you to do all that to me without it being a punishment

NICE..... great story. so did ya go further n dress him up?

Hell I'll lie to you and please punish me, I was bad to lie.

I wish i was him

I wish I had a friend like you when I was younger, but I would have kept on getting in trouble and needing to be punished regularly

Please Cara dress me up and teach me the ways of being a good girl/woman. I'd be forever indebted to you.

Lucky friend I wish I was your friend lol

It is not something I condone but I think I want to tell you a lie. I will quickly admit to it though so we can get onto the punishment. Oh, and don't forget to put stockings and high heels on me to go with the prom dress. :)

Can you put my make up on me too.

sure i can :P


Sounds wonderful, I would love to see the pictures, giggle

And this is a punishment? I'd love to see the prize for good behavior!

hes a lucky guy

LOL! I love it when I hear these kinds of stories. They're so cute and filled with such fun! Hopefully the next time Dress up fun doesn't have to be a punishment!

You are awesome!! Plz do that to me!! Ill lie all day lol

u dont need to lie if u want a makeover i give u one for fun :)

I never wanted one before but here lately I'm thinking why not!! Lol it would be fun let's do it!

u want to be a girl i no u do :P

Lol it would be fun to be lol the clothes you get to wear are great

dont forget makeup and nice perfumes :D

MMM your right!! See even better!

u jealous of us girls :P

I wouldn't say that lol being a guy is great but I would love to see how it would be to be a girl :)

go to ireland and i will girlified u and u will see :D

Why Ireland? Lol

cause i live their

Ohh lol damn that's far lol I live in the states but so temping I would love for you to change me!

You already there lol look like a girl already! Daynatg

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And does he turn you into a boy if you lie to him? lol

nope lol :D i never lie :P

If he lies to you again you will know he loves the punishment! lol

haha he deserved it great story

You go girl! be careful though, once a guy get the attention and the sensation. they often want it much more then in the form of a punishment! ;)

Oh my how very very hot. Did his silly begging make you giggle?

loool XD

way to teach him a lesson!

woh lucky guy i cant do this because religious fam bam v.v

What a lucky girl. Please look at my page I'd love to be your freind.

sounds like loads of fun!

it was XD

Good job! The more males that are feminized the better! It doesn't really matter how, he learned a lesson about the power of women. Now if you can just keep it up until he is comfortable with it he will know which sex is the superior. What do you plan to do with the pictures?

OH Hahahahahahaha !!!! That so funny XD you made him learn a lesson ... I bet he'll NEVER lie again the rest of his life !!! You go girl XD !!!

i no right if he lies again he be getting a male date :P i got 15 rates so far :D

lol funny , nice pic by the way x

do u wear high heels??

sometimes why and this is about dressing my friend up as a girl :P

nice story :) Can I be next for that treatment?

I bet he looked very pretty with your help

I like it

That's a creative way to deal with someone lying :P So what was you're friends reaction? Just curious.

Wow, I wish a girl had done that for me.

I'm a transvestite and I wouldn't mind you turning me into a girl :)

aww id love to girl u up :D

nice :) id let you do it whenever you want

what would u like to try XD

Idc you can do whatever you want I won't care :)

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:-) how did he take it?
I took a nap once, found pink toe nails with purple polka dots, darn girls

I love your story can i tell you a fib them i will love to wearing your panties and other items love your story

thanks u all for what u comment i agree with it all lol :D

That's great Cara ... if you don't mind I would love to see some of those pictures.

And I bet he loved it, even if he didn't want you to know, he loved it.

Great story. So how far did you take this? Just dressing?