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My Friend Gets Turned Into A Girl For Lying To Me

one of my friends lied to me so as a punishment i turn him into a girl i forced him up to my room and tired him to a chair then took out my makeup i started of by putting foundation on his face then i put face powder on him then i went to his eyes and applied eye shadow mascara and eyeliner after that i put some lip liner on his lips then went over his lips with lipstick then i glossed them with some lipgloss then began to paint his nails and toes pink then went they were dry i untied his hands and then i tole him to raise his arms he did as he was told once his arms were raised i got my deodorant spray and sprayed some under his armpits then i got a bottle of perfume off my locker and sprayed some on each of his wrist and some on his neck then i go him to into wearing bra panties and a prom dress and then i put a necklace on him and too pictures :D
Cara21 Cara21 22-25, F 79 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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Cara.... how did your friend take to all this? Was this a first time for him?... after it all.. did he say he enjoyed being turned into a girl? Have you done this to many more friends?... I'd love to hear more.

I want to be your friend I wont lye To you inless I have to. I want to be made into your sissy slave can tie me up tight and if I complane you can ball gag me. Can you Please add me Mistress Cara?Love your sissy slave Tina


How wonderful of you!

Very lucky friend... I have always wanted to be turned into a sissy:)

ha ha must have been funny love to hear add me ;) x

Your friend is lucky and you are a doll!

Hmmmm you should get her to suck a **** for you to show loyalty

What a good girl you are.

You sound like you like to humiliate men, I love it

Hi Cara, add me?

For some reason I want to lie to you!!!

OMG I love it that is so funny girl I love to been there you are so bad but I love it hi I am Tiffany pleas add me thanks

Its a creative way to give a punishment..

I would love to have a girl dress me up but she wouldn't have to tie me to a chair.

Did you take a picture of him in your bra and knickers, so that you can blackmail him later.

I want you to do all that to me without it being a punishment

NICE..... great story. so did ya go further n dress him up?

Hell I'll lie to you and please punish me, I was bad to lie.

I wish i was him

Does not sound like punishment to me! Just sounds like a lovely makeover!

Wow i should remember to never lie to you.

By the way, I just rated it up too, stupid ***** down below. ARGHHHH!

I think the punishment was just! Good girl!

Material like this really got 60 rate ups? Damn, this world is sick.

**** u not my fault my stories are better than urs

LOL! They're not better, people are just stupid and shallow enough to like, well, stupid and shallow material! LOL!

ur stories are aload of **** and u jus cant take it that i got more rates than u

I liked your story because my first time Cross dressing I had several of my High School Cheer Leaders transforming me for the Powder Puff Game and it was fun, so I wish I could be transformed again

It's not sad, it's just different. She got lied to, tons of girls are lied to and their lives are crushed from it. I applauds her for taking one a**hole out of the world and making him feel the way females do.

Now on side note I don't want this to happen to me but cars it's great you wrote this for all the women out there to take a stand to their siblings or boyfriends who use them, you should find your new "girl" a bi boyfriend and see how easy it is to suck ****. Bet he dies and begs to stop, see point proven

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I can understand the lying part...cant deal with lies, they are not far as the punishment he feel like it was a punishment... a mates wife did a similar thing to him...not as a punishment, just for fun.... he said after they had some of the best sex ever... :)

I wish I had a friend like you when I was younger, but I would have kept on getting in trouble and needing to be punished regularly

Please Cara dress me up and teach me the ways of being a good girl/woman. I'd be forever indebted to you.

May i get an add please Cara ??

Are you still dressing him up or has this all passed now?