I Know What Went Wrong

I made the mistake of hanging out with a guy that had no one, no friends no girlfriend etc..

that was the first problem the second was that I had a boyfriend.

And so to make a long story short kinda cause I have to, I tried to maintain a relationship with both guys but found it to be impossible and things went from bad to worse  for reasons I will have to exp[lain later, and now my friend is saying he is going to commit suicide if i don't go with him tonight and if I don't go then I will have to live with the guilt of knowing I drove him to suicide.'

Also he said he was writing a letter and explaining everything and giving his parents my number so they  can further direct any questions they may have to me.

Also he is going to tell my mom on me and post pics  of me everywhere stating what a horrible person I am because I wont leave my boyfriend to be with him.

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3 Responses Aug 13, 2008

if he's threatening to kill himself because your with another person, leave him, i know you'll feel bad if he kills himself, but honestly if he is gonna be like that, i wouldn't go through anything with him, and plus it isn't a good relationship if hes threatening things upon you and blaming things on you

I told him pretty much everything you said and it just made him mad, so I guess I have to just stop talking to him cold turkey, which really sucks because when hes not acting a fool hes really fun and exciting to hang with and we get along well, and Im angry hes making it so I cant ever hang out with him again. :(

i wouldnt believe it. i know its a horrible feeling but there had to be things wrong before for him to focus so much attention into your relationship. he is using you as a scape goat for all of his problems and playing on your sympathies. i know he is hurting but that is the biggest form of manipulation because he knows you care about him. i would just tell him, i love you but i cant keep doing this in between thing with you and my boyfriend. just say even if i were to break up with him i couldnt just jump into your arms because i dont want you to be a rebound i want to make myself good and whole again.. tell him dont kill himself because all he would be doing is punishing and making miserable everyone that loves him. what about his mom. he needs to find a hobby or something fun to do.