Whos The Selfish A*****e?

Ok I went out with my best friend, his boyfriend, and coworkers of his tonight, he got pretty trashed so I took his keys at the bar (I don't drink btw). Had a good time until we left. Leaving he freaks out cause he can't find his keys. I reassured him I had them & that we were going to go to Walmart to get the things we both needed. Pit stopped on the way, a 50 yr old women who has the hots for him called about his car. She sold it to him, don't drink & drive thing. She shows up at Walmart 2:30 am I'm her pjs and he goes to talk to her about the car leaving me and his bf in the parking lot. Bf & I are takin the next thing we know my best friend & the is MIA. He left his cell cause he was to trashed to grab it. So after 30 minutes I start to freak out a little. It's 3:00 am & I have to go home, my husband works at 5. After 45 minutes he shows back up mildly pissed off. I am pretty mad myself because at least 20 of those minutes sitting w/bf I got to hear f* my husband for this & f* my husband for that. A week ago my man sent texts telling my friend he never thinks about me & my family he only thinks of himself with some preety good for instances. He wanted me to drive 8 hrs to hangout in Denver. It hurt my bfs feelings. So I tell my friend that my husband has a point. He just disappears with this woman in Walmarts parking lot & ends up making out with her. He's gay! He constantly complains about all these 50 yr olds that want him yet he leads them all on. He's GAY! So he storms off into Walmart for Idk what reason other than I offended him by saying my man has a point. So we get what we need & leave. By now they've both realized that they have no clue where there Ids & ccards are. It's almost 4 and I still have a 40 minute drive home. My phone rings & its my husband, my friend starts making snide remarks in the back ground so I tell him to shut the **** up. That makes him madder. So going down the hi-way goin 60 he starts yelling at me that I have to take him back to his car. I refuse ******* him off further. Halfway home he makes a few more rude remarks to his bf about my bad behavior, like my needing to b home by a certain time is being a bad friend. I get to his house to drop them off & he sits in my car 5 minutes apparently waiting for me to apologize or something. I turn around & give him a cold wave, I'm mad, he says,'Really?' & gets out. Closes my door say Wow & storms away. I'm sorry I feel like he wronged me. The bad thing is I've known him for 15 years I really love him he is my bf :( but I have a family. A husband that wants me home by 3. I can't just show up whenever I want & expect him to b ok with that. He has no problem w/me seeing my friend or going out really. He just wants me to respect him enough b home at 3. I just wish my best friend respected me too. :'( sorry this is so long I just need to vent. It seems like my friend never wants to give in this relationship just take. Then throws up that he'll never ask me for anything again. I forgave a $2500 debt my husband & I incurred moving him home because they were homeless & addicted to meth. Wiped it clear because I knew they couldn't afford to pay it back. I was just happy to have him back & getting healthy. It's been 3 yrs why bring up the cigarettes they've bummed or things like that. Like thats what I want from him is all the $ he has cost us. They are doing so well his bf is going to become a supervisor at his job and he is doing great at his job too. They owed so many people $ that I knew I'd never c $ from him. It isn't just $ its time we've spent getting his butt out of trouble too. Getting his truck & fixing it, or the brakes he asked my husband to do on his cousins car, or wanting me to come c him at 2:30 am cause he just got in a fight with his boyfriend. Things a friend does for each other. It just hurts to have the things I have done thrown in my face. He was going to come c me Friday & yesterday but never showed up, I live on the same road just 12 miles away. But he called to make sure I was still going out. I get to town called him no answer called bf was talkin to my friend & he didn't even know who he was talking to. Waaaaaaa haaaa :( tonight just sucked.
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