My Bestfriend

My best friend is having trouble with her baby's daddy. He "says" he love's care's and wants to be in his kids life. The way he acts he F*cking don't. she was calling people to c where he was and s*it i don't know what else to f*cking say besides he is a jacka*s. she is like a sister to me i love her and her son to death but she brings this s*it on her self sometimes but i still fell bad for her and her son! She and her son is like family to me! She is the type of person that she cares way to much and lets everyone walk all over her, but i try to help her and her son out the best i can. I don't like the baby's daddy though cause the way he treats his son.
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1 Response Jul 28, 2007

she's going to have to figure it out on her own. there's nothing anyone can do to sway her or convince her until she's convinced on her own... sad but true.