Never Seen Again


This is a true story of a missing person last seen in January 1992 and the anguish that the family have had trying to reopen the case or have any feedback from anyone invovled

Gregory Gregory was very family orientated. The relationship between himself and his family was very close. Greg would frequently visit his sister and other family members even though he worked away. On his weekends or days off he would always travel to spend time with his parents (now deceased). There was constant contact with his sister and other members of his family, if not physically by phone. An important aspect of this time was his concerns for his sister. Out of concern Greg had made arrangements to move his sister and her daughters to his quarters were he worked. That was on the Friday night 24th January 1992. Why did he not show or ring? Organizing a fishing trip and not showing up or contacting his family was highly unusual for Greg. This question was never addressed when investigated or during the initial Inquest, Greg would not of gone on this trip knowing full well that he had arranged to pick his sister up on that Friday night. As a result his sister was waiting, with her bags packed ready to go as Greg had requested her to do. He did not ring or show. It was clear that this type of behavior from Greg was completely out of character.

When a family member goes missing it’s not just those directly connected to the missing person, it is past and future family members that also suffer. What happens then once the investigation and searches are brought to a close?  I’ll tell you what happens nothing. It is up to you to do the rest.   In many circumstances the families and friends of missing people continually experience barriers trying to access information from government departments in respect of the missing person. Many people as like us, do not know the legalities or boundaries of the systems set in place to protect the missing person’s possessions or what they can and cannot do in respect of continuing the search for their family member. Many are not told.The accounts of Greg's dissapearence are all different, one says that:

the Boat ‘boat then filled with water, then tipped over and threw them all out’. Then aafter they reached shore she says that they all stayed up talking, very nice but one would think that after such an ordeal anyone in their right mind would have been keen to raise the alarm much sooner, despite the time of day or night. The other for example: states they hired a small aluminum boat, and admits to the fact that he had been ‘driving small boats around dams and rivers for about twenty years’, this does not make any sense, why would a person of this experience hire a boat which he knew was not adequate for the number of people going on the trip when the trip was as he stated planned? This fact is especially important considering that there was two minors with them.  With this experience one would think that these people would have hired a larger boat or taken more precautions needed with the size and number of people on such a trip.   He also states that they were past the half way point when the weather began to pick up and turn bad. He then states that he asked everyone to lean forward because of the waves swamping the boat. Which led to the boat taking a nose dive and capsizing, it was then that this person said that Greg dived off the front of the boat without saying a word.    Again why wasn't’t the alarm raised when they got back to shore this person also goes on to say that he swam out walked around ect why do that why not go and get help, WOULDN'T YOU? really there was plenty of time for him to raise the alarm earlier than the next day. Another in the boat then said that the boat tipped because they were told to move to the front of the boat and then ‘two of them had stood up’, then the boat tipped ‘and they all fell into the water’. She says she could see Greg for a while other than waves blocking her view Therefore one would think there was still reasonable light. One of the others then goes on to say as they jumped out of the boat it filled up with water and flipped over. Greg headed off swimming towards the shore. In this version they all jumped out Greg didn’t dive off. She even gives a precise time of when they landed at the shore. But the strange part about all these stories of how, why, when and where this horrible event took place is. There is a long gap in the time between the incident and the time that is took to get help? Many I am sure have walked round Glenbawn Dam its not that difficult or long. Here is another aspect of this case that doesnt make sense why? if the wether was turning bad whilst this group were fishing and this person states that he knew dam and river fishing so well WHY DID THEY CHOOSE TO GO BACK ACROSS THE DAM IN A BOAT THAT WAS OBVIOULSY NOT ADEQUATE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF TAKING THE SAFE AND LOGICAL WAY BACK AND WALK ACROSS THE DAM WALL TO THEIR CAMP. Doesnt make sense does it?  





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Yes I do have pictures I will do that he dissapeared on Australia Day 1992 its a strange story he worked at Ederslie Scone as a security, he was a strong swimmer and knew the dam very well so the stories of the event dont make sense what do you think?