Thanks to a couple friends, I've been plumping up. Dragging me to fast food restaurants, leaving me little gifts at school, their pushing never ceases. I myself was just a fat fat admirer but they've been dragging me into more and more of their stuffing sprees. I'm becoming their little piggy toy, just someone they can feed and stuff to the brim, and honestly, I have to say that I enjoy it ;) This weekend looks like lots of fun, I'm promised lots of stuffing.
Bubblebellyfat223 Bubblebellyfat223
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9 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Nice you should become there piggy toy.

hey Bubblebellyfat223 please pm me or kik me Chrisburns11

can your friends feed me too?

hi message mr my friends do the same

lucky, sounds sexy you should send me pics

I. Want. Friends. Like. That.

Sounds like they want to make you huge! How fat do you want to get?

Bon appetite!

How much do you weigh? It's fun for you I hope