this story happened years ago when I worked at a summer camp. My school started later than most so I stayed at camp for 2 weeks essentially by myself. This place is in the middle of nowhere, so you could hear a car coming ten minutes before you even saw it. As I made myself lunch one day the phone rang (usually never happens) it was the camp secretary calling to tell me that one of my camp buddies mom was coming to camp the next day around noon to pick up some medication that her daughter had left there several weeks before. I actually knew this lady. she was the matriarch of a pretty well to do family in my hometown, your typical mom. all day i could not stop thinking about this lady, i wanted her to see me naked. As I laid in my bunk that night my throbbing **** and mind ran at the possibilities. The next day i hustled around to do the majority of my work list for the day. At 11 i started to "get ready". I was laying out totally naked next to my cabin waiting. That was the longest hour in my life. but for some reason I at the last minute decided to go inside the cabin and wait for her there. About twenty minutes later I heard the familiar sound of tires on gravel and had to focus not to blow my load. As the mini pulled up i could see that she was thankfully alone. I took my position on the living room couch, no blanket, just me naked, throbbing erection. The door opened and I heard footsteps and a soft "hello" pretending to still be asleep I heard her round the corner and stop. I suddenly got nervous that she would turn around call the cops, my boss, my friend, and get me fired, but it was too late for that. Instead she walked towards me, ever so slightly I opened my eyes to see mrs. c looking at my naked body, smiling. I slowly pretended to wake up and be startled. As I stood up and apologized I told mrs c that i should put some clothes on and I get her daughters meds. Eyes still moving up and down my body she said ok with a coy smile. I went upstairs to change. Now what the **** am I going to put on? I hadn't really thought this through. My spandex running shorts were on my bed and i figured that would be the best of both worlds. as i was putting on my running pants i noticed my rock hard **** made me look like i was hiding a sail boat in my pants. as i went to go down the stairs I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.Mrs.c was coming up for some reason. "ready for me know" she coyly asked. I told her that her daughter's stuff was downstairs, she said that was ok she wanted to see what i was wearing. " i know you kids run around here naked so don't change on my account, although i can still see everything" as she pointed to my ****. moving closer she told me that i had a great looking ****, why was i breathing so heavy. she was standing next to me now looking at my **** straining through my spandex. do you want to show it to me again? I'd like to see it. Shaking I pulled down my pants. "now thats what i call a nice penis!" "I've never seen a black one and your veiny" this was not what i expected but this lady was blowing my mind. "let's touch you ok?" slowly she put her hand on my chest and moved it down to my pubic hair. I groaned with pleasure as she curled my pubes between her two fingers. cupping my balls she moved behind me, grabbing my **** with her other hand. I leaned up against her feeling her breasts and breath against my neck. I'd never seen this until then but she calmly licked her hand and started to jerk my ****, i was almost screaming now, her hot breath whispering filthy things in my ear, she expertly worked my **** until the slightest bit of pre *** came out and then stopped. twisting my nipple she whispered if i wanted to *** for her. I was ******* air as one hand twisted my nipple and the other hand moved to my hips helping me **** the air in front of me. Both of her hands fell back to my **** and balls. her spit made me so wet and slippery, so sexy, i can still smell sweet smell of **** and her spit in the air. her fist was slamming into the base of my shaft. I couldn't hold out anymore. as i grabbed her hips behind me a came so hard i almost fell over. As i shot my load she was still milking me, my thick *** running all over her fingers and hands, my ***** was all over the floor.. As slowly removed her **** covered hand she brought it to her mouth and licked my *** from her fingers. I told her that if she gave me five minutes we could have sex. she politely laughed and said with a **** like mine her husband would know something happened. she went to the bathroom handed me a washcloth and said thanks for a great time. I saw her son a few months later, he said i was an ******* for flashing his mom. I guess he only got half the story. I love you mrs. c
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Great story

Wow! I love this!