She Saw My Penis

So I was hanging out at my friends house for the night and decided to take a shower. After I took a shower I grabbed a towel and walked to his room in it. my friends mom was in there den and my friends room passes it. As I was walking my towel got caught on a metal piece that sticks out of there wall and ripped off! I was standing in front of my friends mom conpletly naked! I just looked at her and she stared directly at my penis. I said sorry for ripping her towel and she ask me to bring her the towel. So I had bend down and walk towards her while I was butt naked. To make it worse i started getting an erection and she said commented and said wow someone likes the attention, your huge! And I said yea thanks and walked to my friends room and changed.
Most embarrising thing ever
Simplyme559 Simplyme559
51-55, M
1 Response May 5, 2013

but i think she likes your penis