My Truly Best Friends

I first met my truly ever best freind when I was in the 3rd grade. She was there for me, she supported me in everything, we shared funny secrets and laughed with each other, I just love her. Then, I met my other two best friends in the 4th grade. They were cousins, the four of us loved hanging out with each other, supporting, and loving and what we had was the true meaning of friendship. Believe it or not, we are still best friends, and it has been over 8 years till now. We were best friends, but now were sisters.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2007

It is so awesome to have friends like that. Sometimes it is hard to keep a group of friends like that together because some of them might get jealous like how girls are in highschool. I always hated it when you had that one friend who didn't want you being friends or hanging out with anyone but them. It is great that you all get along. You can never have too many friends thats for sure!

That is great! It is always good to have someone looking out for you.