Let me start out saying that I am completely and 100% in love and devoted to my husband. That will never change. But it seems that i have found myself in a situation that I have never experienced before, and it is driving me crazy.
I am having some serious fantasies about a co-worker ( I will call him John). A majority of the time I will go to sleep thinking about him, and then he will be the first thought that pops in my head as soon as I wake up. I have thoughts of him pushing me up against the wall and kissing me. Other times it happens slowly. Other times I fantasize that he is undressing me and kissing every inch of me as my clothes come off.
A dear friend of mine tells me that it is good for me to have these fantasies because it is a healthy way for me to let my feelings out. I'm all good with that. But what isn't healthy for me is the sleep I am loosing. Although my work isn't suffering yet, I have found myself more and more staring at my computer with my fingers hovering over the keyboard.
Just the thought of feeling his lips on me makes me loose my breath. Even his voice drives me nuts.
I know that I would never allow any of these fantasies come true, but I need to find some way to get past them.
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i totally love this... and i totally understand ♥ and he smells good -lol