My Family Situation Is Taking A Turn For The Worse.

Once again, I'm back here in EP to share about my newest experiences . But except, this experience isn't a nice one. It seems communications in my family, often leads to bickering
and fights. I try to stop and prevent conflicts but it is usually out of my hands. I think my family members have problems understanding one another. Hmmm ....... I'm trying to give some thought into it and figure out how I could alter the situation.

Another problem my family members have is speaking without thinking. This problem has been on for years, no one in my family cares how their words hurt people's feelings. They just blurt out whatever comes to mind. Well, I certainly think before I say anything, I don't want to hurt others in anyway. These two problems are major problems.
I think you readers think so too right? Yup, I am working on correcting these problems before they get any worse.

Well, many thanks for reading my story :) I hope that all of you have a pleasant day ahead.
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Dear SeekingSerendipity , thanks for the helpful comment ,I think you are right that I can't take it to heart . yeah , shouldn't care what they say .

If the arguing gets out of hand and you are upset by it, rather than be mediator, tell them what you are feeling about the situation, what's upsetting you and how you'd rather them approaching their discord.
It wouldn't necessarily be an eloquent speech, but getting your feelings spoken to your family can help them understand what you are going through! (And motivate them to change their behaviour.)

I hope things are okay! :)

You sound like you've taken on a mediator role, which can be very taxing!

Family is important, but the way I see it, they hurt each other a lot because the know they can say what they want to each other but they are still stuck with each other for life. I used to get really upset by the hurtful things that get swung around in my house, but at the end of the day the insults are eventually forgotten.

I'm just saying, don't exhaust yourself and let things run their course. People (and their attitudes) change when they want to.

Your own well being is what is most important, after all. :)