My Out Look On Friendship

At one point of my life I was very alone and I didn't really see the importance of having friends. For the past few years that has really changed! I'm not very popular nor do I want to be which may be surprising  to some people but I feel great just the way my social life is. I only have a couple of friends but we are very close and I know for sure I can trust them. They have taught me that there are good people left in the world and I totally love them! Now I take friendship very seriously and every person I take the first step  to talk to and get to know I promise to care worry and be there for them because that's what friendship is all about! It doesn't matter to me wether I've known them for years or just a couple of days friends are friends no matter what! So to anyone out there that needs a friend just someone to talk to I'm open to you all !!!
ForeverTeen ForeverTeen
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2009