My First Other Man

I'm really not sure where to start so maybe I need to start in the beginning of what has become an amazing journey of sexual exploration and it begins with this, the story of my first "other" man. I wasn't a prude in college but I'd only had sexual intercourse with three men and for some reason really valued that (an old fashioned notion I know). It didn't stop me from sucking off my share of classmates, grad student teachers, and a few professors. But really before I got married I'd had very little real sex.

I began discovering other (younger) men at 30, before that I had no interest in them whatsoever, so honestly it was something of a shock. By 31 they all just looked like candy to me and I was going crazy thinking about them. Shortly after my 31st birthday I was on a business trip and ended up in a hot tub in Vegas with a guy I really liked, we didn't have sex but did everything else. I felt awful about it afterward and confessed all to my husband that night on the phone. Rather than tell me he was leaving me (which I thought might happen) he asked what I wanted to do. I told him it wasn't what I wanted to do but what I needed to do. He understood and gave me his blessing. I spent the next 3 days having sex in every possible way with a guy nearly half my age. In the six years since I've been with scores of other men.It's been wonderful and I have no interest in slowing down now.
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7 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Great story - and a great husband to let you have your freedom to explore. Years ago my wife once told me she was kissed by a co-worker, and that she responded. Should write that story.

lucky young guys in your area :)

Ohhhhhhh kind a woman!

Enjoy it while it is so much fun

I love it..... And I'm so glad that you have the type of relationship wherby you can pick up the phone to tell him that you had cheated. And what a gift for a guy with cuckold tendancies... You made his day by doing it LOL

that is a very sexy story and I envy the hell out of your husband. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is to have such a sexually liberated wife. BTW if that's you in your avatar I'm rock hard over you!!

Your husband is a lucky man from where I stand! I wish my wife would be HALF that adventurous!