Oooooooohhhhhh, what a hot experience. This was out first experience where I fot f--ked by somebody with a massive tool in front of my hubby. Well,when it comes to wife sharing, the experience remains more or less similar.......somewhere the spice is more, somewgere sweetness is more, somewhere it is hard, somewhere soft........and so on. In our case, my hubby dear while f--ck--g me screamed.....do you want bigger c--k and I shried yes...yes....I want bigger c--k. He has a business partner Blackwill, a huge guy with a massive c--k. I had seen his c--k earlier couple of times while he was staying at our apartment in Mumbai. He was in a habit of roaming around in towel or only shorts with the excuse that Mumbai is very hot. He always gave me mischievius smiles or winks. At times he will slip his towel or change without closing the door...........when I am around. So I had seen his c--k and always told my hubby about his gigantic tool. Many times hubby dear will tease me saying......do you want Black's tool in your p-s-y and I shall joke it out. But in privacy I always dreamed of getting Black's c--k inside my p-s-y. Coming back to story, while f-c-i-g me, the hubby dear exclaimed again.....Do you want to **** Black and my God.........I had a massive ****** while shouting and pleading to hubby...........let me f--k Black. After out f-c-i-g session, hubby jokes and asked .....whether I am really serious and I started shying away. Hubby called Black in front of me and asked hin to rush to Mumbai as Daizy (self) wants you (Black) in Mumbai immediately for uninterupted and continuous f--k. Black landed next week and ........my God, he f--ked, f--ked and f--ked my brains out without day and night. His f--king posture were odd, difficult for me to sustain and all in trying conditions. Most of the time the hubby dear had to hold me or support me, while Black rammed my p-s-y with his massive c--k. Those three days were incredible and most satisfying for me. Black also taught hubby dear the duties and rights of a cuckolds. Black never wore condoms, while f-c-i-g me and asked me to be on pills. Black will order hubby dear......You Cockold, Prepare your wife to receive my c--k by lubercating her c--t by your tounge, saliva and once he did that.......Black will instruct .........cuckold, now guide my c--k into your wife's p-s-y. After the f--k, hubby will be ordered to .......clean your wife's p-s-y by eating my ***. I too enjoyed and started ordering hubby to become a ccuckold. Believe me, my dear hubby has also started enjoying it. In fact it is he, who gets Bulls to f--k me on the weekends. So that is my part of story. Hope to listen from you. Bye
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loved ur story