My Ex-best-friend And My Other Friends Hate Me.

Now, it all started years ago. Me and my ex-best-friend where proper mischeif makers. We played together and got in trouble together. Now, She's treating the end of primary school like a fashion parade, and ignoring me completely.

Yesterday, we were playing tennis in P.E. She wanted to go with the person in the school that all the teachers think are the queen, but is really disruptive in lessons, but she wanted to go with the one that wears to much eyeliner (in Primary school!) My Ex-Best-Friend then chose to go with her and mines other friend, but she kissed her, which grossed her out, and chose me. We had a great time tennising, then at the end of the day we said 'bye, see you on Monday!' then I thought we were friends again.

You see, a week earlier we were doing an 20k walk for charity, and she left me on the side of the road at the 8k mark, and called her mum to pick her up! She was then, at school on the Monday saying I was a wuss for phoning my mum and getting stressed! She also said it was MY fault and I ruined it all! To be honest, it was Miss Eyeliner's fault. She told my Ex-Best-Friend to phone her mum and pick them both up. Then she cheated! But that's a different story.

But then today, she didn't talk to me all morning. On the Tuesday, last week, we had a film show, and a whole clan of people who to all the teachers are queen but are disruptive in the lessons, including my Ex-Best-Friend told me to move the bench backwards because they couldn't rest their legs on the bench in front. I said no, because I was watching the film. They kept tipping the bench up and they were trying to push me off. I moved in the end, but they did nothing! They were just doing it to frustrate me!

She didn't talk to me and was running away from me. At break I was lonely. At lunch I played with my Ex-Best-Friend and my other friend, piggy-in-the-middle, they are both netball players and I'm tiny, so I couldn't catch the ball. They were laughing and shouting 'How couldn't of you of caught that!' and more laughter. Then I lost it. I shouted at my Ex-Best-Friend that she was using me, and how upset I felt about it. But to be honest, to her, I sounded like a monkey in a tantrum. They just laughed as I stormed off.

I forgive them too easily. As soon as my Ex-Best-Friend talks to me, I speak back. But now I don't think that is going to happen with my Ex-Best-Friend and my other friend either. So, I have no-one to talk to, mainly because I am too geeky and apparently 'goody-two-shoes', a loner, irritating and plain, too clever. I guess I will find a friend who will share stories with me and make stories with me in a college or a grammar school, and I am hoping to go to one.
watermelonface watermelonface
13-15, F
May 14, 2012