My Sanctuary

Whenever i see a new seed has broken the soil and is now a living baby creature, its a celebration;  and a sense of hope, wonder  and gratitide fills me!
Urraaa i think!!!
I do my happy dance replete with many happy exclamations and maybe an expletive or two for good measure, and of course clapping and jump skipping !!

Even the deaths or illnesses of plants are more quiet ceremony here in the lush green, it happens , yes it is difficult to see that, but there is always something to renew my hope and faith, so i am not utterly defeated by losses here in this land which sits in this world but is somehow not of this world. I am always buoyed by the cycle of life here the way time works differently for the life of a plant; it springs from a seed, then grows, ripens and matures in the span of a season! Or the flower, from a tiny speck it turns into a magnificent burst of hues and foliage shapes, colors and textures..Ahhh it's almost paradise!

I look around and see growth color vibrance explosions of life, completely unrestrained by norm or convention. I wonder what it would feel like to experience life as a plant??!!

So here is my safe place my happy place the meeting place of other folks who share this small but vibrant and community garden. A place of camaraderie and dreams reborn vicariously though our green babies :))

One of the most gratifying things about having my garden is bringing my produce home and savoring it with my daughter! Have you ever tasted the exquisite sugary sweetness of organic strawberries. I have and it's pure bliss, especially when shared with your number one person:))
Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
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