she went away for two days with a guy she cheated on me w last year....fingered her ***** when she went away and got a hotel room w him....just like last time it was difficult waiting for the details...last time I didn't know how slutty she was...this time she asked so I said yes and then she asked for a ***** shaving..i said yes her ready ..left ..he picked her up..then I got one phone call while she was away...and afew texts...finally the last day she tells me she sucked his **** while he finger banged her...MY DIRTY **** DOES HER JOB,MAKING ALL GUYS HORNY...she came home and told me bout it while she sucked me off,how hard he was in her mouth and how her ***** felt good while he played with her ****..i just want details ,,,its only fair!! :)
hornpig hornpig
41-45, M
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I have to give the details to my master whenever I go play with other people or give him pics

That's exactly what I want to be able to blow a load as she tells me

I love going in details with my master! So he can ***..or I tell him while he ***** my ***

My kinda of girl !!@@

Plus my master loves to see me with other people! He has yet to see me with a girl! And he will very soon!

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