I was 13 ,my sister who was 20 was babysitting folks had gone to a show.
We had just gone to bed around 9 when Midge called me to come into her room.
She was sitting on the side of the bed with a housecoat on. Told me to sit by her side wanted to talk to me.

She asked if I had ever *********** thinking of girls,I told her yes and added she was one of the girls I thought about.
Midge was a red head nice long hair and very pretty.
She asked what did I think about while ************ thinking of her. told her her small **** and imagine he r ***** was covered with red hair.
I was starting to get a hard on. About that time midge stood up and dropped her housecoat she was naked .She did have red pubic hair.
She told me to take of my pj's so we both would be naked I hurried ly took them off. She admired my 7" **** straight out. Asked if she could touch it and knelt before me and took it in her hand and slowly massaged it. finally on her lips then into her mouth.
My sis giving me a blow job so hot told her I was going to *** and she smiled and nodded ok and took my full load of sweet *** and swallowed it all open her mouth to show me it was gone.
She then got on the bed spread her legs wide and told me your turn to eat ***.
I dove into her crotch her ***** was so wet and my tongue ****** her *****. took quite awhile for her to climax and when she did I got a mouthful of her juices feeling her small **** with my hands while licking her dry or trying to .
My 13 yr old **** got hard again full 7 "she told me to **** her she was on the pill so no worries.I mounted her and felt so tight she wrapped her legs around me and I proceeded to **** her hard. She told me to do her *** now and we got on floor doggy style and licked her ******* and put some vaseline she had on dresser. And proceeded to enter her *******. very tight ****** her a few minutes then she said let me suck you pulled it out with aloud burp type noise and she took all 7 deep I couldn't control anymore and once again filled her mouth with *** and she swallowed it all.
We laid on the bed and chatted awhile. Midge asked if I ever sucked a **** and felt male ***** in my mouth.
Told her our Uncle made me do it when I was 10 and I had to lick his ******* too.
He had a **** about the size of mine and filled my mouth.
She said did you like it ? told her yes every time he came to visit I had to bj him for 2 years did it maybe 6 times.
Midge said would love to watch you blow a guy maybe will set it up would you do it for me. Told her anything for her.
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were you the first to *** inside her ****