So Someone Should Probably Cut My Head I Deserve

ok my friend hooked up with this guy who tried to have sex with her then she wanted to leave so i was bout to go with her when this guy i liked kissed me. i was thrilled but i got up tp leave anyway cause she obviously didnt want to stay then she was like nah dnt worry about it im fine. i asked her if she was sure and she said yes so we stayed and i hooked up with the guy. a few days later she told me how upset she had been because she had to wait outside with the guys while i was hooking up. i had no idea she was so upset and i felt totally horibble i mean i ahte myself for this. how i could i be so blind and stupid not to leave even if she did say it was fine to stay. i am probably the worst person in the world right now i could die and happily leave. i just want to make it up to her and wish so much it never happened. im a stupid horrible disgusting person that deserves the worst things in life. she went and told our friends and they all probably hate me atm even though i told they could and they siad they didnt. i dont think iwill get over this for a while and i dearly hope she will still be friends with me. i plan to try and apoligse to her as much as i can in a talk to sort things out tommorow. please comment me and tell me anything. i need help. abuse me if you must i probs deserve that to.

blahstupid blahstupid
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009