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Gray Again, and Again, and Again....

I started going gray at age was one hair, on the right side, on a Saturday afternoon, and my sister noticed was just after 1:30, and I still remember where I was.....over the years that gray hair grew into a white streak in my hair....YES, like a skunk, only off to one side, like a lopsided skunk who parted its fur the wrong way....

Over the years I have alternated between covering it up (resulting at one time in pink hair, and another time in orange), and trying to make peace with it.  Lately, it just seems like too much trouble (AND $$) to get it colored, and don't even think about me doing it myself (remember pink, and orange?) I am thinking of growing it out in all its silvery glory to see what it looks like now....the gray has grown out about 2" from the roots, and seems to be pretty well distributed at this moment in time.....maybe I will just get all the color cut off. be continued.

MaMegabyte MaMegabyte 51-55, F May 26, 2008

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